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Keep one replace one

You must litterally just replace one word from the two words given.Example:Artic berry to Arctic biome.
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Want me to google search you?

Well know you can! Just say "Me" and I'll Google Search You!
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New Animal's

I suddenly got an idea for a new animal.

Snake(Should be pretty close to dragon)

Overall Ability: If someone touches the player, they get a little hurt.
W Ability: Become small and can go through small crevices
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My turnip... Part 2!

This is a forum game from the diep wiki! Your goal is simple:
Steal the turnip from the person above you! You must think and post a creative plan to steal the turnip!
No killing
No creating new turnips
You must say ''My turnip'' at the end of your post or else it doesn't count.

Have fun!!

I'll start...
I buy a turnip from the market. My turnip.
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See how far you can get!

The second reound of torunament will start at 6:00 on Jan 18 2017. Feel free to join. If you can't come than we can set up another one. It will take place in the Europe 1 server.
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My Turnip!

Steal the turnip. Rules:
No stealing the same way as someone else did.
You must say My Turnip, or you dont have the turnip.
No summoning turnips.
No destroying turnips.

I clone the turnip from MY TURNIP #7 and bring it here.
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Guess The Animal

First person to guess correctly gets to come up with a riddle for the next animal. The first riddle is: I am green, and Berry Bushes stop me.
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