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• 2/26/2018

Rabbit Glitch

I have a pretty interesting article that not many know about in, and it's a helpful one too.
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• 2/23/2018

No teams on ONE server.

Should we make a server/mode where no teams are there?
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• 1/28/2018


Lemming is removed since christmas over:(
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• 12/30/2017

giant crabs is taking over of the server

even I was a tiger in game,I still get crushed back and get killed,I has seen these kill 2 hippos...
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• 12/20/2017

A few Facts On Sandbox mods have a key part to play in this similarly as in other .io games. Making utilization of such mods will get moreover reasonable characteristics to the first form, and certainly will enable you in playing to diversion better. This happens to likewise be an implies that guides the members who're getting exhausted hardened with all in-diversion tests and missions.
About Some Mods Of

After the clients have begun utilizing the mods of this amusement will play it diversy with all if the in-amusement threats turning into significantly less demanding to rake care of on the additional elements being turned on. mods are the making of engineers. They put in various top notch qualities to the amusement. Extra amusements of the Io arrangement contain zoom hack, custom skins, scenery changer, and all that and it's the same with this diversion. Notwithstanding, by and by, this amusement has a few included components, to be specific custom skin and zoom hack. Next we examine the sandbox mode.
                                                                                                        Sandbox sandbox is an amusement mode that has been evacuated. It had first been included the 28th of January and had been said without precedent for the time of February. It had been fused on the fourth of February, 3 days a short time later. In this mode, you have the capacity of in a split second advancing to the level above by only a press of the up bolt key and degenerating by a press of down key. At the point when this diversion mode was dynamic it had 11 servers. You're ready to participate by only a tick on the huge catch marked sandbox that was available at the logo's base right. MopeX, which is among the finest mods of, was good with this method of the diversion
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• 12/16/2017


Conchs,you need to evolve to croc/tiger/octopus to eat it,however,it was lower than a single mushroom bush. You can eat mushroom bush at Donkey tier,How about change xp higher,or move to donkey tier?
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• 11/27/2017

completely rude server

Everytime I play,people always kill me,I never got to the shark,tiger,eagle,gorilla,donkey,giraffe,dragon,Cobra,Boa,Lion stage
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• 11/21/2017


we dont like the eagles....
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• 11/17/2017 Company i have massege to you

that animal destroyed a game players cant play cos or eagles drop us to lava or water animals droping on land pls buff this eagle or better delete pls.
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• 11/16/2017 sandbox mods benzer diğer .io oyunlarda olduğu gibi bu oynayacağı kilit rol var. Bu tür modlardan faydalanmak ilk formda makul özellikler kazanacak ve kesinlikle daha iyi ayrılmaya oynamanızı sağlayacaktır. Bu, aynı şekilde, bitkinleşen üyelere rehberlik eden imkânların, saptırma testleri ve görevleriyle güçlendiğinin bir ima olması demektir.
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• 4/22/2017

Score Sharing #2

Since kitty's post got deleted I wanted to share our scores again. We got a lot better at the game at a span of 2 months! To be honest my highscore was 25.58M I achieved it on April 19th, 2017.
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• 1/31/2017


Dev somthing has happend a sandbox has been added idk how but i tryed the link and it worked.Check it out
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• 1/26/2017


How about a sand biome with new animals?
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• 1/13/2017


If has a sandbox, why wont have one?
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• 12/10/2016

New Biome
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