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I had an idea once.. what if there were parasites/pests in Mope.io? Like fleas, tube worms, rats, etc.? They'd be able to use abilities on any and all animals, from mice to black dragons, but they'd have low health, and anything could attack them (Unless otherwise specified). They can traverse any biome without dying (No arctic damage or slowness in water or anything) unless specified in their tier. A few ideas as to how they'd work..

A. Things like fleas or rats would carry disease. They can use their ability to give themselves a disease they can spread, and then when they attack someone they spread it. Other parasites are not affected, and neither is the user. The disease would make the carrier lose health over time, transferring that to the rat/flea/whatnot. The disease is not lethal, it only does about a fourth of your health or so.

B. Things like tube worms can use W to inject themselves into an animal. While inside the animal, they have a faint white aura surrounding them, and you sap the animal's health until they get to water. Once in water, whether it be an ocean or a dot-generator, the worm slowly disappears from the animal, losing health as it does until it's out and has half-health left.

Possibly a laying-eggs-in-the-host thing, but I don't know how that'd work.

A having a tiny hitbox and having a strong bite it can use on recharge could work too.

Ideas for the types of critters:
Fleas- Disease
Flies- Disease
Rats- Have to be above a pig to eat them, disease and bite. Might be orca-tier one.
Tube worms- Injecting
Any other parasitical worm- Same as tube worms
Cockroach- Bite
Bedbug- Bite

There would be no top-tier parasite, parasite options ending at the Orca tier.

They might turn out as a troll class, so you'd have to change it until it's viable.
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