background of the Arctic terrain

The Arctic or North pole is the third biome in, and it was added on the December 26th update. It is located on the top of the land/map, and takes up 1/3 of the map's width. In the arctic dark green outlines are gray. In the arctic biome these features can be found:

  1. Bushes.
  2. Berry bushes.
  3. Water Spots.
  4. Hiding holes (Small and large).
  5. Hills (Varying sizes, some contain rocks).
  6. Ice patches.
  7. Blackberries.
  8. Snowballs.
  9. Acorns.
  10. Lakes.
  11. |Cloudberries]].
  12. Lilypads.
  13. Mushrooms.
  14. Red Mushrooms.
  15. Islands.

Arctic Animals (Now Selectable on the Tier Branch):

  1. Chipmunk/ Lemming.
  2. Arctic Hare.
  3. Penguin.
  4. Seal.
  5. Arctic Fox.
  6. Reindeer.
  7. Muskox.
  8. Wolf.
  9. Snow leopard.
  10. Walrus.
  11. Polar Bear.
  12. Wolverine.
  13. Sabertooth Tiger.
  14. Mammoth.
  15. The Yeti!.

How to be a Chipmunk as of the April 9th update

I'm glad you asked!

So everyone liked the Chipmunk, right? Maybe you want that perfect screenshot of you as the Chipmunk, or you just want to show off the fact that the chipmunk still exists. Either way, here's how you can be the Chipmunk after the April 9th update.

  • Step 1: Select mouse as your starting animal.
  • Step 2: Go into the Arctic.
  • Step 3: Eat Berries until you are an Arctic Hare. Hurry, as you will take moderate damage every 15 seconds you are in the Arctic, and this damage will add up enough that you will die after 1 minute.
  • Step 4: Once you are an Arctic Hare, somehow get eaten, or die of thirst, etc.
  • Step 5: The option to respawn as a Chipmunk should now appear. Happy Chipmunk-ing!


  • The Arctic terrain is colored white, and with a color render of the outlines of the grid squares to see.
  • If you are a non-arctic animal, you will get frozen and lose health.
  • Tigers won't get frozen in this biome.
  • Wolverines, Sabertooth Tigers, and The Yeti! don't burn outside the arctic unless they are too close to the Volcano.
  • It is not a popular biome since you freeze to death if you are not an arctic animal, and if you are an arctic animal, you can't go outside your biome. Now, when you enter the game, you don't have a selection for the arctic, and you have to risk yourself upgrading in there with already the chance with freezing yourself.
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