The Bar is a meter placed on the bottom of the screen. Currently, there are 3 bars: the Water Bar which indicates how much water the player has (normal bar), the Air Bar that indicates how much Air the player has while they are underwater (shown while diving, replacing the Water Bar) and the Lava Bar which works exactly like the water bar but it runs out slower and dashing doesn't make it to be lost faster , which is used only by black dragon (also drains way slower than water bar, and when you have 1/8 left you can still run' unlike the water bar).

The Water Bar, the Air Bar and the Lava Bar will continuously decrease until they run out. Every animal can dive for a specific time, which opens up the air bar. When the air bar runs out, the player will be forced to resurface. Every animal also has a specific water decrease rate. When the water bar drops to zero, the animal will start to getting hurt (20% health of 100% every second (for the lava bar about 5% instead of 20%)) before dying of thirst.

Bars, when it's value is 1/4, will start alarming the player by fading and its title will change to "LOW Water/Air/Lava" and will flicker red. 

The Water Bar, if it's value is 1/8 then the person can no longer dash/sprint.

Bars have a white title that says what the meter is about. The Water bar is titled Water, the Air Bar is titled Air and the Lava Bar is titled Lava.


  • Since Jan 28 when you run the bar will not turn gold.