{{Animal|next = Infinity!|title = Basilisk|image = Basilisk.png|special = Lethal stare|minimum = 10M|maximum = 20M|prey = All below animals to Fox|predators = Nothing!|previous = Dragon/The Kraken/Sphinx|equivalent = Black Dragon/[[spike snake]]<nowiki>|tier = 16}}The Basilisk is a possibly coming animal in [[]]. It will most likely be the [[desert]] equivalent to the [[Black Dragon]]. == Technical == The '''Basilisk:''' * It would have a lethal stare, which would damage you a '''lot'''. == Appearance == The Basilisk is a ruby red color with a lighter stripe down its back. It has yellow spikes and a pointed tail. Its nostrils are slits and its eyes are mad. == Strategy == N/A == Gallery == <gallery> Basilisk.png </gallery> == Trivia == * It and the [[Black Dragon]] are the only animals with mad eyes.

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