Bears climb through green hills! (Press W to use your claw!)

The Bear is the tenth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Swordfish and Walrus.


The bear:

  • The bear is one of the only animals that are able to climb the dark green hills/trees. It also swims somewhat fast in lakes, but not quite as fast as a Hippo.


The bear has a dark brown body with a black nose; it is one of the only animals with a nose, the others being the Mole and the Hippo. It dwarfs any of the animals below it; a fully-grown bear is even larger than a Crocodile, even though the crocodile is its predator. The only larger animals are the Hippo and the Dragon.


Climbing hills are your best advantage. Since most of the animals below you cannot climb hills, you can use the climbing ability to catch prey and level up quickly. Beware though, when you pick a hill to climb on you need to factor in the enlargement you face when you climb a hill due to the zoom feature.

If you want to level up by eating, then banana trees and coconut trees are what you should look for. If you are lucky enough, you can get a full tree, giving you lots of XP to either level up quickly or gain a huge amount of XP.

When catching smaller animals, make sure that you use your claw ability when close enough so you can stun them. Although the claw slash knocks animals back, they are stunned for enough time so that you can get a bite out of them.

When escaping, either just climb through the hills, or, slash your predator to stun them, or you can just camp on a tree or a hill. Watch your water level, and don't wait until it's low. When you wait until it's low, you might lose the ability to sprint, which is basically a guaranteed death. If you are stuck in a tree/hill when a predator is trying to eat you, quickly slash them and run away. This will knock them back and stun them so you have a greater chance to escape. However, this doesn't go the same with Elephants, as they can knock you out of trees with their ability and eat you. If an elephant comes, quickly run away and hide, and hopefully, it will not see you. If you are in a hiding hole, you may not want to risk tail biting elephants, as they can turn around quickly and use their trunk ability.



  • Prior to October 27th, it upgraded from the zebra; now it upgrades from the Gorilla
  • Despite having a slight speed boost in lakes, It isn't recommended to go in there as Dragons, Crocodiles, and Hippos will make you an easy meal.
  • It is the only Land animal to have a speed boost in lakes but not mud.
  • Prior to September 23rd, it can now climb on rocks.
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