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Biomes are large areas, where a new evolution path can be followed depending on which biome you level up in. As of 2016.12.26 and nearer dates, there are 3 biomes. The three biomes are the Oceans, Land and Arctic

The three biomes in the map


The first ever biome that was added. It is located between the two Oceans and under the Arctic. In Land, you can find:


The second biome that was added on the 21st of November, 2016. They are located on the west and east side of maps (Left and Right). In the Ocean, you can find:


The third biome that was added on the 26th of December.It is in the north of the map. In Arctic you can find:

GrassTerrarin22 LandOceanTerrain22 OceanSnowyTerrain22 ArcticDesert

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