• OP Arena Closer mod


    November 19, 2017 by OP Arena Closer mod

    (Phoenix is my idea for a new animal)

    Phoenix will have a fire wave ability that burns you. It will be equal to Black Dragon. It will rely on lava to survive

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  • Zephyr20

    why i am here

    November 14, 2017 by Zephyr20

    i pretty much don't know what a blog post is but i pretty much came to this wiki just to chat.

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  • AttackOnKaiju


    October 30, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju

    Theres a new idea! It's the Hunger Bar! Like Water, but you need to eat more food to fill the bar, if you had low hunger, your speed is 10% faster than low water, if both your water and hunger bar are empty, you recive 2x damage, the bar color is red.

    Example : You're a hungry yeti, waiting for prey disguising as a snowball, and he didn't kill Walruses and Polar Bears, too, but then he eats Arctic Berries, also Arctic Foxes.

    So, what do you think? good idea?

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  • AttackOnKaiju has came out since Changelog#Oct_4, they added a mouse, rabbit, pig, fox, lion, croc and dragon, 7 animals added, a survival game with water spots, hills, berry bushes, etc, there are terrains too, In October 4th, a update may come, the animals are unknown or halloween skins, like winter. the previous animals that were added are Cobra, Boa Constrictor and Giant Spider, Very dangerous animals that lives in the scrapped mini-biome, poison. And the upcoming animals are Girrafe, Tiger and a unknown animal, and its finally 1 year of, happy birthiday!

    1. Go to the deeeepedia wikia, my very own wiki. Join it!
    2. Im going to Bulgaria today. (october 4th)
    3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • OMG18000 Gas
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  • Hissssy101

    Is dead

    September 19, 2017 by Hissssy101

    5 solid months, no updates IS MOPE DEAD?

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  • RubenPlayer

    my first steps

    September 3, 2017 by RubenPlayer

    I want to edit the land animals, I can?

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    Is this wiki dead?

    September 1, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju


    If this wiki is dead, we may make a wiki now. (not the wiki im using)

    This wiki is growing slowly! Here's the link for the wiki i made, create some pages and make the wiki like this wiki.

    Link for the wiki:

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    Hey guys, i made today the opposite of the Turtle, Tortoise! A land turtle! tell me in the comments what you think. 0/10

    If you want me to post other animals (not a page, blog post) tell me.

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  • Spoooopy

    New Medals

    August 22, 2017 by Spoooopy

    You may notice the new medals on this wiki, whether you have received one or not. The Medals are updated to have every animal in, and you can go to this link: to see how you can obtain them.

    Try and earn them all :D

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    New template!

    August 19, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju

    Hey guys, had to make a new template like this:

    should i post this? Tell in your comments!

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  • Spoooopy

    Skin Pack Poll

    August 9, 2017 by Spoooopy

    You may have seen the Skin Pack Ideas on your Message Wall gathering up your opinion on what skin pack I should do next. Lots of people answered their own opinions, and now there is a big poll on my User Page. 

    The poll will actually be multiple polls, eliminating the ideas with the least votes. It will go on and on until there are only two skin packs left. If one receives more votes than the other, then that skin pack will be the one that I will work on.

    Here are the rules for the poll:

    Only vote once, don't cheat and use multiple accounts

    Don't vote for your own ideas

    That's all :D

    (Please vote, I can't have this poll up on my user page forever!)

    Link to my user page:

    Currently, Fire is beating Alternat…

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  • AttackOnKaiju
    Welcome to the Animal idea Bulletin Board! here are the rules:
    • No Swearing,Bullying,Harassment, etc
    • No claiming your animals as A REAL ONE! because it will never happen, (well probaly). but dont ask about m-eh, nevermind
    • If you curse 0 times, GREAT!
    • If you curse 1 time, "insert sheep vocal"
    • If you curse 2 times, You had a chance to get blocked for 1 day
    • If you curse 3 times, You had a 30% chance to get blocked for 4 days
    • If you curse 4 times, You had a 60% chance to get blocked for 7 days

    Here are some notes:
    • Go download the picture of Animal Template, Yes. that page.
    • Follow the technique of the Animal Template
    • idk, i forgot what to say. Well good luck!

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  • Spoooopy

    Application for Admin

    August 3, 2017 by Spoooopy

    Since Gas is no longer on this wiki, I would like to take OMG's place as Admin. I may not be your first choice, but I can be helpful. I'm not leaving this wiki just because won't update, or even if Net Neutrality gets destroyed. The point is, we need to save this wiki. I can help stop vandalism by just simply blocking the user, and reverting the page, and I can promote helpful users to Chat Mod and Discussions Mod. I'm usually on this wiki every day, so I shouldn't be able to miss a vandalized page. There are just a few problems with me being Admin. I'm not great with things like Media Wiki, CSS, and JS. I'm not a good coder either, so I can't work source mode on editors. (I have to copy and paste in order to do anything!) Our main…

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Ok lets get ot the point. Why? Well mope is not getting updated and I have nothing to do. Yet I dont play mope anymore bcz its not getting any updates so rip until maybe one day I will come back one day I will come back with destroying the whole wiki? When is that? No idea bcz its a joke. For now Rip OMG18000 Gas with 4339 edits :(. Never got my dream 5K. Io games are also just ded. Lik srsy. all i play know is roblox. after I run out of games to play on roblox my life is back to being what it was 2 years ago :(. Goodbye Spoopy goodbye everyone. Sadly leaves wiki. Edit: If a poll i pusblish wins I will come back.

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  • Spoooopy
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  • 789123654sd

    Since I don't it when people do things that bother me, I've decided to come up with new Message Wall and Blog Rules:

    My official Message Wall and Blog Rules:

    1. No spamming or I will delete your comments.
    2. No threatening (ESPECIALLY ME!) or I will delete your comments.
    3. No being inappropriate or I will delete your comments.
    4. No being annoying or I will delete your comments.

    Don't let me catch you breaking any of these rules, or as always, I will delete your comments.

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  • Spoooopy


    July 6, 2017 by Spoooopy

    Since I only have to do the Neon Arctic and the Neon Food left, I already need future skin pack ideas. You may have seen that huge announcement on my profile, but just in case you haven't, I'll explain.

    Once I am done with the Neon skin pack, I will gather everyone's ideas and put them into a huge poll. The ideas with the least amount of votes are eliminated, and the other ideas will move on to the next poll, and it goes on from there. If a tiebreaker somehow happens with the last two ideas, Then I'll probably have to randomize and see which idea the randomizer wheel lands on. (I know, there was no other way!) Ideas can arrange from anything to TV shows, Movies, or something simple.


    Don't spam ideas (Only 5 ideas max, except for me, Mu…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    MLG Ideas XD

    June 30, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    As said they're MLG XD

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I created this category, (I hope I made it, actually), called "Article Stub". All pages/articles under this category need to have more info and/or content to it, so It'll help readers get more of the info that they need in the real game. 

    PS: Just in case, if the category is not created, pls reply to this post to tell me your opinions if you feel you want it or not.

                                                                                                                                                                A Very New And Excited Editor 2 This Wiki,


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  • Spoooopy


    June 27, 2017 by Spoooopy

    I am going to change my name into Spoooopy. Literally, every combination of Spoopy was taken. Spooopy, Sp()()py, Spoopyy, AND EVEN SpoopyMopeio. I don't understand why there's a user who decided to take my name and make it into a fandom user, BUT I GUESS IT HAPPENED. I'm just saying that I'm changing my name into Spoooopy. (With 4 o's.)

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  • Spoooopy


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  • 789123654sd
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  • PXPhoenix2468

    The new mod will be released on August 31st, and It will have a huge volcanoe about as big as a Black Dragon!

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  • KMJgames

    You can edit this and post an idea here about animals and abilities!

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  • Banarama

    Since conceptions have become so popular, I'm thinking about making a Conception namespace! It'd be just like regular articles, but for Conceptions only, so they have their own space on the wiki without having to resort to private blogs. Anyone could edit them, and they'd be clearly marked as Conceptions. So whaddaya guys think? Does it sound good? Speak up in the comments!

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  • PXPhoenix2468

    It will have all the desert animals and it will have a lava area too.

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  • OPAC245

    Black Rhino

    June 14, 2017 by OPAC245

    Black Rhino wil be an animal equal to Rhino and is in the Desert

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  • PXPhoenix2468

    All animals in that server will be prehistoric an there will be lots of natural disasters. It will be released next fall.

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  • OPAC245


    June 4, 2017 by OPAC245

    Basilisk will be an animal equal to Black Dragon and is in the Desert biome

    • The Basilisk will have a murderous stare, just like its counterpart, but this one won't kill you, but it will certainly weaken you a lot.

    The Basilisk is a ruby red color, with yellow spikes down its back. It has a small snout with two small nostrils. Its tail is pointed, and its eyes make it look mad.

    It is practically immune to anything, except freezing. It doesn't need water to survive, but it needs lava to survive, so it can then go out of its biome into the lava.

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  • OPAC245

    Dinosaurs have long roamed the earth. For now the going is good for this animal that is a future animal to But there's just one problem. Dinosaurs could survive extemely hot tempratures, even a fire. They couldn't die from burning, but they died of starvation, earthquakes, and freezing. Dinosaurs should be immnue to fire. Vote. Should the upcoming Dinosaur be immune to fire or should it burn like the rest of the animals?

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  • Spoooopy

    Hello, wiki, I just want to let the community know that I am working on a custom skin pack, therefore I will not be online until the whole project is finished. I will still try to edit articles as best as I can, but these skins take forever to finish! (46 animals in total!)

    Here are some samples below:

    If you have any questions, please go to my message wall, or comment on this post.


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  • OMG18000 Gas


    April 30, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    Bug fixes...

    -April 24 5PM EST- Fixed black dragon crash bug

    -Fixed bugs with diving, balanced elephant (faster in water, smaller in size) and whale (ability is a bit slower, krakens no longer fear it!)

    - Kraken whirlpools size increased (its balanced with whales now)

    - Whale has +1s cooldown

    - Whale stun is -1.5 for predators and -1s for preys.

    - Mammoth ability cooldown increased to +1s

    - Elephant speed in water is same as hippo

    - Elephant/Whale/Mammoth is less than Dragon tier so they dont look so big if they are fully grown

    - Dragon fireball reached has been increased by 25%

    - Animals can dive after 2s of last tail bite

    - Fixed black dragon downgrade bug, along with several other bugs

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    OK. So I figured out how to design. Here is the starter and the finished product: eJwNyMsNwyAMANBdGAAbKL9sQwmCSEmMsHOqunv7ju-jnnWqTQ2RyRvAfnCltWsWWqU33Yn62co8WFe6oIiUOq52C4NDZ3N0JgV8efSY7b989BlNTGhDMClleK9n6Hl39f0BnKchfQ.png and 149296917010011.gif

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  • OMG18000 Gas


    April 23, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    Today was an awesome week for! We got new elephants and cool blue whales!

    -NEW: Huge Elephant animal! Elephants are above hippo, have a powerful trunk ability!

    -NEW: Blue whale animal! Huge, blows water, has a powerful tail slap ability!

    -NEW: Sabertooth tiger (in the arctic), has double-claw ability

    -Dragons can now move through each other (to fight better!)

    -Dragon is now 1m xp to get, elephant/blue whale is 500k, mammoth moved up to elephant lvl

    -Tail-bite xp gain is now limited to 2X your current xp (reduce instant-dragons for low lvl animals)

    -Russian servers were put in the Europe region (most were hosted in germany anyways)

    -blue whale's tail stuns extra long (4 seconds for prey!)

    -elephants can shoot water 2x faster (long trunk)


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  • OMG18000 Gas

    1K Byte Project!

    April 21, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    So. Some pages have enough information. Those shall be protect so fandom users can't edit it. Meanwhile there are 44/133 pages that have less than 1K bytes. I think we should make every page at least 1K bytes. There is just not enough information for those 44 pages. So help us add pages. Thank you. - OMG18000 Gas, love you all

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    The three admins are over the limit. There should only be two! The best admin will be elcted as the secondary bureaucrat next to (probably) SuperRobot. Please vote down below.

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  • OMG18000 Gas


    April 16, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    This week we didn't have any updates really. Except the April 10th bug fix update. Let me take you through this week's update log!

    -doubled wrong-biome damage

    -tweaked acorn xp, fixed mushroom bush xp

    -we're doing a test cross-promo with our friends at

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  • That creepy dude in the office

    Its so annoying after a literal hour of playing i get killed only being 5 xp away from being a dragon! the black dragon should not exist because poeple who get to that point just roam around and kill peeps to be a pain in the butt

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  • Banarama

    Kill the Forums?

    April 15, 2017 by Banarama

    The Franken Forums, while well-meaning, have not acted like a buffer between the old and new, but rather a barrier between users and discussions; who has the time to check two platforms? It's plain to see while strolling through the different boards and Discussions that few threads/posts, if any, ever get noticed. I propose a simple measure to resolve this crisis and bring back meaningful discussion; KILL FRANKEN FORUMS. They have become inconvenient and distracting, diluting the concentration of ideas in this great wiki to sparse, unpopular posts. We have lots of good suggestions from users, but there is no good place to put them when discussions are split in half! Simply removing the Franken Forums, consolidating the ideas and collaborat…

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  • Ursuul

    One Last Vote

    April 12, 2017 by Ursuul
    The vote has ended — SuperRobot9338 is the winner.

    I will be demoting myself after this is over, so let’s begin. Kirkburn has replied to me, & he said that he would demote the other Bureaucrats soon; leaving only myself & OMG18000 Gas, the user who started it all when he promoted KittyKittyCat394, behind. Now that we have finally demoted all of the Bureaucrats, we can move on.

    Once I demote myself, there will only be one last Bureaucrat to lead alone. Who that person will be however, is less set in stone than you think. Rather than just give Gas that position by default, I think that people should get to choose who they want to lead the Wiki. I have three hopeful candidates, so I will list them below:

    • OMG18000 Gas: The current Bureaucrat on Mope.…

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  • OMG18000 Gas


    April 9, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    This week was awesome! We got black dragons! Let me take you through!

    -NEW: Black dragon animal! (10m xp needed, downgrades if you lose too much xp, only heals from healing stones)

    -Black dragons live in the NEW lava biome, in the middle of the map

    -NEW: healing stones: magic pink stones across the that heal your health+ give xp +water

    -BIG Healing stones in lava heal 3x faster!

    -NEW: Meat! 3 kinds, Dropped by animals on death from natural causes (eg. lava, thirst!)

    -NEW: Watermellon food, spawns in lava, very good xp (but dangerous to get!)

    -Arctic: was reduced in size (land/ocean increased), many tweaks in food/ice

    -Arctic: Animals no longer can teleport TO the arctic on upgrade- must upgrade IN the arctic to be an arctic animal!

    -Arctic: non-arc…

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  • Ursuul

    Reforming the Wiki

    April 6, 2017 by Ursuul

    In Underslime’s blog, we saw the abuse that can result when Bureaucrat rights are placed in the wrong hands. Kitty has now been relieved of his rights, but that still posses an issue; there are six Bureaucrats in total, any one of which could go rogue & cause similar problems. In an attempt to fix this, OMG18000 Gas, the person who gave Kitty his Bureaucrat rights in the first place, has suggested that Bureaucrat rights be limited to a small group of people, or perhaps only one person. I agree with him in this; there needs to be few Bureaucrats. With only one Bureaucrat, there will be no one they cannot demote, meaning that if anyone abuses their rights, the sole Bureaucrat can remove their rights & solve the problem instantly. However, th…

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    I believe that there should only be only three Bureaucrats! Why? Well because it's very dangerous to have a lot of bureaucrats. And we can't demote them. So there is only three Bureaucrats (OMG18000 Gas/Podaj747/SuperRobot9338 (Senior Bureaucrat is OMG18000 Gas and Junior Bureaucrat is Podaj747/SuperRobot9338). The rest of the bureaucrats will be demoted to admin. The only difference is that admits can't make people rollback, content mod, admin and bureaucrat. Plz agree we don't want battle with bureaucrats. So if u do happen to have a bureaucrat status please remote your bureaucrat status. Thanks a lot!

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  • OMG18000 Gas


    April 2, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    No updates this week. Have a nice update on April WTF?!

    Server is SANDBOX6! It will start from 12 PM and end at 1 PM. Here are the steps:

    1. Instal the teddy bear mod pack from google web store here is the link:, if not own chrome download it from
    2. Play
    3. Press Z (we don't want unfairness)
    4. Click the gear button, select SANDBOX in the region/server selection.
    5. Select SANDBOX6
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  • Underslime

    The Issue

    Recently, I went to this wiki to pay a visit. I immediately checked the wiki activity, and to my surprise, i saw a username with a striketrough, meaning he was blocked. I then talked to the blocked user, who was blocked by Kitty for violating a rule. But the blocked user told me that it was an accident. I immediately talked to Kitty, but he immediately removed my thread on his wall.

    I decided to contact/message every bureaucrat and tell them about Kitty's issue. But Kitty removed my threads, thus stopping me from receiving help from the other bureaucrats. Every time i send a message, kitty deletes them. 

    Not understanding why Kitty removed the threads, i decided to message him, but he didn't respond, and removed my thread on his wall…

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  • KittyKittyCat394

    I made new staff requirements. i still thinking about copying staff reqiorements from my latest blog.


    • 205 Edits without Farming for Rollback
    • You have been contributing positively for at least 17 days.
    • You have been naturally doing the job you're applying for.
    • A poll is done by the community, where majority say 'Yes'.
    • You do not have a strike currently active.

    Discussions Moderator

    • 450 Edits without Farming (to show competence)
    • It has been at least 50 days since last Rung.
    • A majority of the current staff of Wikia say 'Yes'.
    • You have written a second Résumé supplying more reasons why you're cut out for your next job.

    Content Moderator

    • 900 Edits without Farming (to show a deep commitment)
    • It has been at least 85 days since last Rung.
    • You mu…
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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Ok so I made new edit rewards. Don't worry the Mouse/Rabbit/Pig medals are not affected at all! It's higher medals like mole and higher being affected! Here are the new requirments. It was originally by Kitty.(note that if the black dragon is getting added as a tier we will swich back to the old edit rewards!):0

    Mouse - 100

    Rabbit - 200

    Pig - 300

    Mole - 450

    Deer - 550

    Fox - 680

    Zebra - 800

    Cheetah - 1000

    Lion - 1200

    Bear - 1400

    Croc - 1700

    Rhino - 2000

    Hippo - 2350

    Dragon - 2700

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  • OMG18000 Gas


    March 26, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    This week was an exiting week. This week we got rivers in! Ocean travel is way cooler this way. Anyway let's get into what has changed this week!

    -NEW: Rivers flow between oceans in!

    -Certain animals are unaffected by the river current: Croc, hippo

    -NEW: abilities can push/damage food (eg. mushroom bushes)! Plus, kraken sucks up all food!

    -NEW: Snails have come alive (first basic AI)! They love to eat plankton, hide in shells! (And bite your tail!)

    -orca wave ability buffed (longer stun, more damage)

    -Lots of tweaks to food concentration, respawn rates

    -squid and seahorse swapped, fox and deer swapped (deer can use mini hiding holes now)

    -rhino can charge in water now

    -NEW: lake islands have better food now, bushes on land can spawn…

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Live chatting.

    March 24, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    I have noticed that the wiki always has people live chat. We need to live chat more often! Well maybe they have 10x more people then we do but still! This wiki needs it. because just responding to messages takes a long time sometimes. SO let's live chat or chat to one other and let's make it great!

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