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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Weekly Update 12

    March 26, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    This week was an exiting week. This week we got rivers in! Ocean travel is way cooler this way. Anyway let's get into what has changed this week!

    -NEW: Rivers flow between oceans in!

    -Certain animals are unaffected by the river current: Croc, hippo

    -NEW: abilities can push/damage food (eg. mushroom bushes)! Plus, kraken sucks up all food!

    -NEW: Snails have come alive (first basic AI)! They love to eat plankton, hide in shells! (And bite your tail!)

    -orca wave ability buffed (longer stun, more damage)

    -Lots of tweaks to food concentration, respawn rates

    -squid and seahorse swapped, fox and deer swapped (deer can use mini hiding holes now)

    -rhino can charge in water now

    -NEW: lake islands have better food now, bushes on land can spawn…

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Live chatting.

    March 24, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    I have noticed that the wiki always has people live chat. We need to live chat more often! Well maybe they have 10x more people then we do but still! This wiki needs it. because just responding to messages takes a long time sometimes. SO let's live chat or chat to one other and let's make it great!

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    It took a long time for us to do it. Just the fact that nobody really cared about it... until today (March 18th)! So kitty added some thing to it! And that made me think: Oh man this needs to be finished ASAP (as soon as possible)! So I worked a hard almost an hour to make it really good! And it worked! The page has the biggest trivia out of all pages! Go see for yourself! There is still no categories for it but that will be fixed soon! If you still feel like to add something plz let us know! This thing was planned to be comleted in January! But people forgot about it! Also pictures were ment to be added but they didn't turn out how we thought it would turn out!

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    So it's really hard to keep up with people getting 5 edits everyday... so I made NEW higher edit rewards! Here they are:

    Mouse = 100

    Rabbit = 200

    Pig = 300

    Mole = 400

    Fox = 500

    Deer = 600

    Zebra = 700

    Cheetah = 800

    Lion = 900

    Bear = 1000

    Croc = 1200

    Rhino = 1400

    Hippo = 1600

    Dragon = 1800

    Should I make it even higher?! Let me know in the comments...

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    I have heard complains that the edit badges are too easy to get! And yes I agree! They are too easy to get! Here are the new required edits:

    1 = 5

    5 = 10

    10 = 20

    20 = 30

    30 = 50

    50 = 75

    75 = 100

    100 = 150

    150 = 200

    200 = 300

    300 = 500

    750 = 1000

    1000 = 1500

    Thanks OMG18000 Gas for changing it! Hope you will be happier now!

    The old ones can still be found in the edit history of the staff page! I'm editing it right now!

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  • SuperRobot9338


    February 24, 2017 by SuperRobot9338

    I've noticed that many pages have excessive exclamation marks and other errors, but many staff members aren't cooperating in a mature and helpful manner. We need to start cleaning up — we're an official wiki. There are still many places where pages have horrific grammar, so I'll start off this blog by listing some errors. Starting now, everyone should endeavour to remedy these. I will create a template for marking poorly-written pages, so it will be easy to spot the ones that are direly in need of help.

    1. Using exclamation marks except when it's really needed. This is a wiki, not a blog.
    2. Writing in the 1st (I think) or 2nd (you should) person, instead of the 3rd person (the player, etc.). Again, not a blog.
    3. Spelling counts.
    4. Use bullet points prope…
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  • OMG18000 Gas


    February 20, 2017 by OMG18000 Gas

    We need to protest mope to bring sandbox back! We need all your help, since the dev might see it! Edit my bolg or coment down below hastags for ex: #BRINGSANDBOXBACKBECAUSEITWASGOODANDNOTFUNENOAUGH! DEV WAKE UP! Don't just replace it! I will leave this wikia if it's teams! It reminds me of the good old days back then... few months later sandbox became a thing... DIEP SANDBOX IS WAAAAAAY WORSE THAN MOPE SANDBOX! Guys anyway let's hope to bring back sandbox!

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  • KittyKittyCat394

    I see people get promoted fast so i want to change the staff requirements.


    • 200 Edits without Farming
    • You have been contributing for 20 days.
    • You have been naturally doing the job you're applying for.

    Discussions Moderator

    • 400 Edits without Farming
    • You have been contributing for 45 days.
    • You have been naturally doing the job you're applying for.

    Chat Moderator

    • 600 Edits without Farming
    • You has been contributing for 60 days.
    • A majority of the current staff of Wikia say 'Yes'.

    Content Moderator

    • 900 Edits without Farming
    • You has been contributing for 90 days.
    • You may also list any problems you have fixed and/or stopped here.
    • You do not have an Active Consequence Flag. If you do, you must wait for it to become inactive before applying.


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  • Underslime

    Greetings, Fellow staff members of the wiki! I created this blog post to propose a new set of staff requirements!

    This is why:

    A lot of people get promoted fast but, they do NOT the required edits for their respective position;

    HOWEVER, They have been on the wiki for so long and been contributing extremely positively.

    And this is why I am trying to change it.

    Here are the requirements: (Not Final)

    Rollback: Been contributing positively for 20 days

    Disc Mod: 40 days

    Content: 60 days

    Admin: (TBD) (To be decided)

    Also,  I am trying to prevent everyone here from judging users and staff by their edits.

    Oh however, more emphasis will be put on community polls.

    If a user wants to be staff, he/she must create a resume and message it to an admin, and if th…

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  • Ursuul

    No More Top 10 Lists

    February 8, 2017 by Ursuul

    Fandom is retiring Top 10 Lists on February 14th. For most Wikis this is not an issue, but this Wiki has dozens of Top 10 Lists. Fandom is completely removing them all, & they shall be irretrievably deleted. Once they’re gone, they’re lost forever.

    Regardless of my personal stance on this change, I feel I must send this message so as to warn everyone before it happens. You have until Valentine’s Day to screenshot, port, or otherwise preserve & document your Top 10 Lists before they vanish for all time. I highly recommend that you do not make any new Lists, but you should enjoy them while you can regardless. Here is a link to a list of all Top 10 Lists, in case you’d like to vote in them before they go.

    As an alternative to Top 10 Lists in th…

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    hello wiki

    December 31, 2016 by Le ARTIST

    So ive been with for a long time and ive found this wiki ,i love so i wanted to start editing on this wiki so please STAFF be kind and direct me to where i should start making this wiki better

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  • PikeYT

    First wikia post

    December 10, 2016 by PikeYT

    Hey guys, i'm Pike! (the mope designer) and i'm actually going to help the wikia with skins and more infos etc.. :p

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  • NecroTheTank

    I think I should do this more often.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with this wiki. I have decided to quit the diep wiki to do this one full time, but the discussions is not even CLOSE to the same as good old forums. And there's no way you can control whether a wiki has it or not! NO FORUMS, NO DISCUSSIONS EITHER

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  • ThugLife69

    Please help meh, my gameplay got ruined when my playing screen suddenly got shrunk into 3/4 of the COmputer Screen while playing firefox, but i can still use a full-screen stat mouse in my gameplays.

    Can you fix this? i cannot play properly because of this.

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  • ThugLife69

    admin proposal?

    November 5, 2016 by ThugLife69

    I am Admin.

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  • NecroTheTank

    Wiki News: October 26

    October 25, 2016 by NecroTheTank

    Welcome to Wiki News! Today we have some special announcements! SolarSystem50 has edited quite a bit already, we have quite a few contributors, and yeah, we have quite a bit of a community already.

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