• MSMosasaur2468

    Now that Banarama is gone forever, lets get to work. But lets get one thing straight. Enough witht he past. The past of this wiki is ugly garbage and I am done with it. We are still living in the past, that's the thing holding all of us back. Yes me, DinoGamer, and Godzilla saved the wiki, but we must continue and restart that. This wiki needs fixup before it can be fun again.

    Banarma is gone. I am declaring, that Hayden is the new leader of this wiki. Everyone must respect him and what he says, and we can correct him if he is wrong. Hayden is a respectful and kind leader that has always helped us and been here since I havee, and he has been longer. What I like about Hayden is that he is peaceful and I hope he has a good plan for this wiki. …

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  • TheDinoGamer

    Godzilla will be either a Boss or a playable Animal

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  • DangerousOrca

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  • DangerousOrca

    Now, I am going  to be working on new articles. Articles like, Honey, Ostrich, Snow Owl, and more.

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  • DangerousOrca


    March 16, 2018 by DangerousOrca


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  • TheDinoGamer


    March 10, 2018 by TheDinoGamer

    Spinosaurus is my Animal idea  for It has a combined ability from a Tiger and a King Crab. Spinosaurus wont spawn on land but in Rivers, Lakes, and in the Ocean since it was a Water predator but it can surive on land without too much Water like a Crab.

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  • TheGodzillaKing

    When I came here last year the wiki was awesome with lots of people having fun. Then many things started to go. Security was one of the maain protection of the wiki, now its gone. The place is no longer fun, the comments were destroyed because many admins were leaving. Many helpful users were exiled and blocked, including me. Then the admins comepletely left, and so did Banarama. In his place Hayden rose, but in a wiki that is gone and destroyed.

    It still is a graveyard and is no better. We needs users to check new users carefuly cause the wiki will be even safer. Plus the fact that we dont have to deal with unnecesary threads, comments, and pages. So we needs to get to work and fix this wiki!

    Time to restart, dont destroy the pages, fix the…

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  • Banarama


    March 8, 2018 by Banarama

    Rivals do not belong on article pages. Why? They're subjective, and in most cases are better off expanded and integrated into strategy sections. "Rivals" info does not belong in infoboxes or galleries. They belong in strategy, with more detail that a picture with a caption saying "Rival". Why is it a "rival"? What does that mean? Why does that matter? This information can be useful, but only with more details. As I have seen it so far, they are not satisfactory.

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  • DRDragon2468

    It should be equal to Elephant, be strong, agile, and very dangerous. And I might make the ability like a Tiger or a King Crab

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  • TheLionGuardB747

    NOTE:This blog is only for bucerats and admins

                                                      Right now admins are  and have been blocking users for months and years for small issues like causing drama or being immature. I know that doing such things earns u a block but blocking for 3 months is to me intolerable.1 or 2 weeks is enough for a small issue. 1 month or year blocks should be used for vandilisim or targeted harassment. Plz read this blog. 

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  • Sharks Xawesome
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  • Sharks Xawesome

    SxA skins

    February 21, 2018 by Sharks Xawesome
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  • TheDinoGamer


    February 19, 2018 by TheDinoGamer

    Karkions is a King Crab in greek mythology. It will be equal to Sea Monster and will have a double arm smash ability.

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  • TheDinoGamer

    WAKE UP!

    February 19, 2018 by TheDinoGamer has a good reason of not helping, but what about the rest of you guys. and I are not the only people who should be controling this wiki. This wiki is still getting true information because of us, but the rest of the wiki should help too! What about those so called moderators, admins? They did nothing. The wiki is getting attacked by anonomus users that havent even been checked. Who's job is it to do that (Answer that in comments)

    But still u guys hsould help alot. And add some comments to the wiki. It looks run down because there are no comments. We are not the wiki, we are the mope wiki. never even came from So why take out th…

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  • Banarama

    No More Griefers (NMG)

    February 18, 2018 by Banarama

    I have seen too much on this wiki. drama is now spreading over here, and users are accusing each other of being vandals and even game destroyers left and right. When was the last time any of you saw a civil discussion, wiki-related, and focused on improving this place? Don't let this community die in flames. There is hope.

    The main topic of today, however, is the griefers plaguing this community. They are the ones who cause drama. They are the ones who disrupt articles. They are the ones who have transformed this friendly community into a massive flame war and working to destroy our only hope of escaping the drama that has engulfed and surviving into a new era where might come back. From now on, these users can and …

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  • Flinty Flakes

    Arctic Survival Guide

    February 18, 2018 by Flinty Flakes

    I play almost exclusively in the Arctic until I get to apex or spider-tier. I like it, it is a different biome though, and it has some unique things about it. Let's get started!

    The Arctic covers all of the top of the map. It has lots of ice, a few lakes, lots of hills/rocks and many snowballs. It has its own food chain as well. In order to get into the arctic, you need to be in or very near it and level up to something native to the Arctic. All Arctic animals can go into the ocean, but many of them are lit on fire if they go onto land. It's basically an arctic-themed land that's a touch more difficult to live in.

    1. Always keep the location of a hole you can hide in in your mind and be prepared to run for it.
    2. Always know what your enemy is capa…

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  • Flinty Flakes

    Tip Dump

    February 13, 2018 by Flinty Flakes

    Tips that I use in my games. I probably use more, but these are the ones I came up with.

    1. Avoid top-tiers with all your heart and soul. Especially dragons and black dragons.

    2. Avoid sharks, gators, mammoths, and spiders/spider nests. They have an annoying tendency to kill you easily, almost kill you easily, or team with someone else who can kill you easily.

    3. If you see a predator, run. Even if its on the edge of the screen, run.

    4. Try to stay near a whirlpool/burrow. You can run into it if anything happens.

    5. AVOID THE LAVA. It kills you. ESPECIALLY avoid the lava if there’s a Black Dragon in the game. Those kill you too. I'm aware that Black Dragons are easy to tailbite, but black dragons I've seen are good at the arcane knowledge of 'turning in circl…

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  • Sowhat2008 Ideas

    February 12, 2018 by Sowhat2008

    Tier: 12

    Thirst Time: about 10 Seconds

    Ability: Tail Slap

    Tier: 5

    Thirst Time: about 3 Minutes

    Ability: Extra Boost

    Tier: 4

    Thirst Time: about 2 Minutes and 45 Seconds.

    Abililty: Disguise

    • Desert Biome
    • Swamp Biome 
    • Jurassic Biome
    • Poison Biome (Maybe)

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  • SaberToothTiger aka Smildon

    This is new look,Also my discord profile pic!

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  • B Hamster


    January 18, 2018 by B Hamster

    Hi, I decided to create my own clan in called BeHamsters. Every member in it is called BeHamster. I am the leader and my name is [BH] B Hamster, if you want to join just put [BH] in front of your name. Example: If your name in is Mr. Mouse change it to [BH] Mr. Mouse.


    DO NOT kill, stun, grab, bite... etc. any of BH clan members. (it's allowed if they asked for it)

    Help escape other members from predator and kill their prey (try to use your ability on the way that would make meat)

    DO NOT say anything ugly to other members. (also respect some classic rules that I wont write now (In full rules))

    Use acceptable nickaname and do not use my nickname B Hamster.

    Thanks for following the rules. Full version of rules will be publish…

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  • Pablo Bengochea

    Hola a todos gente ! Haré un pequeño blog con lo tal informarles mi monstruo favorito de .

    Mi monstruo favorito es el : Dragón de Fuego , Dragon Fire. Me encanta , puede volar , lanza fuego ... y tiene un muy buen diseño.

    S                             O                                Y

    N                             U                                 E                                V                  O

    G                             R                                 A                                C                   I                       A                     S

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  • SaberToothTiger aka Smildon

    Plz rate this primate lemur! It's bit messed up...

    Lemurs are fast at hills!                                                      

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  • Zephyr20

    my new gorrilla skin

    January 1, 2018 by Zephyr20

    hey,I made a new skin on pixlr.It was a gorrilla

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  • VRVelociraptor


    December 29, 2017 by VRVelociraptor

    Spinosaurus should be a an Animal equal to Dragon

    Spinosaurus should have an Ambush Attack Ability.

    It should be immune to the rivers current, and it can camelflouge. (Theory)

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  • SaberToothTiger aka Smildon

    I Reached to freaking dragon

    THEN 2 elephant and a donkey KILLED ME... *swearing*


    They said "gg" yes" "drag you scared?" 

    God... Why...

    Well,I Played This game for 30 min to evolve to dragon... then not even 3 minutes to play as dragon,I played as dragon FOR JUST 2 MINUTES, KILLED BY THEM,THEN I GOT DOWNGRADED TO HIPPO/KILLER WHALE/BOA CONSTRICTOR! THEN I CHOSE BOA CONSTRICTOR,COMMIT SUICIDE IN ARCTIC.   God. D*MN It. P*SS OFF TEAMERS😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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  • TheDinoGamer

    Basilisk Video!

    December 26, 2017 by TheDinoGamer


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  • SaberToothTiger aka Smildon

    an octopus taunted me when i am a shark. This happened when cobra,boa constirctor,giant spider got added for few days.

    he called me "noob" then we go to the whirlpool.

    you know,i am a nice guy,i don't say something mean when no one taunt me in

    then,a comment big fight,and then,dragons,other players are watching our fight.

    and I used my most powerful comment ever ever ever. "I Have Reached Dragon once."(it's real.)

    And he said "who f****** cares"

    Then I said mean words. He continued to call me noob(HE SAID "NOOB" NEARLY 70 TIMES TO ME,and "So?" NEARLY 20 TIMES). And another shark goes into our whirlpool to get avoid of dragons,then,I run away,fight ends,and I said "Here is my Quiet place"

    That was A REALLY Disgusting player......

    Have you b…

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  • TheLionGuardB747
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  • TheDinoGamer

    Godzilla Video!

    December 15, 2017 by TheDinoGamer


    Replacemnt =!

    The Godzilla video might be released in January or February. It's an idea for the game and I need help to make it. Godzilla is an idea for and is planned to be equal to Black Dragon. I want Godzilla to entertain u guys!


    • Upgrades from Dragon, The Kraken, The Yeti, and T-REX
    • Can eat all Animals below it to Donkey
    • Can't be affected by Lava and feeds on Water only.
    • Press W to Spit Venom like a Cobra does but the venom is blue and it poisons u alot!
    • Can stay underwater for 6 minutes

    More like a T-REX but black


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  • OP Arena Closer mod


    November 19, 2017 by OP Arena Closer mod

    (Phoenix is my idea for a new animal)

    Phoenix will have a fire wave ability that burns you. It will be equal to Black Dragon. It will rely on lava to survive

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  • Zephyr20

    why i am here

    November 14, 2017 by Zephyr20

    i pretty much don't know what a blog post is but i pretty much came to this wiki just to chat.

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  • AttackOnKaiju


    October 30, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju

    Theres a new idea! It's the Hunger Bar! Like Water, but you need to eat more food to fill the bar, if you had low hunger, your speed is 10% faster than low water, if both your water and hunger bar are empty, you recive 2x damage, the bar color is red.

    Example : You're a hungry yeti, waiting for prey disguising as a snowball, and he didn't kill Walruses and Polar Bears, too, but then he eats Arctic Berries, also Arctic Foxes.

    So, what do you think? good idea?

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  • AttackOnKaiju has came out since Changelog#Oct_4, they added a mouse, rabbit, pig, fox, lion, croc and dragon, 7 animals added, a survival game with water spots, hills, berry bushes, etc, there are terrains too, In October 4th, a update may come, the animals are unknown or halloween skins, like winter. the previous animals that were added are Cobra, Boa Constrictor and Giant Spider, Very dangerous animals that lives in the scrapped mini-biome, poison. And the upcoming animals are Girrafe, Tiger and a unknown animal, and its finally 1 year of, happy birthiday!

    1. Go to the deeeepedia wikia, my very own wiki. Join it!
    2. Im going to Bulgaria today. (october 4th)
    3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • OMG18000 Gas
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  • Hissssy101

    Is dead

    September 19, 2017 by Hissssy101

    5 solid months, no updates IS MOPE DEAD?

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  • RubenPlayer

    my first steps

    September 3, 2017 by RubenPlayer

    I want to edit the land animals, I can?

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    Is this wiki dead?

    September 1, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju


    If this wiki is dead, we may make a wiki now. (not the wiki im using)

    This wiki is growing slowly! Here's the link for the wiki i made, create some pages and make the wiki like this wiki.

    Link for the wiki:

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    Hey guys, i made today the opposite of the Turtle, Tortoise! A land turtle! tell me in the comments what you think. 0/10

    If you want me to post other animals (not a page, blog post) tell me.

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  • Spoooopy

    New Medals

    August 22, 2017 by Spoooopy

    You may notice the new medals on this wiki, whether you have received one or not. The Medals are updated to have every animal in, and you can go to this link: to see how you can obtain them.

    Try and earn them all :D

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  • AttackOnKaiju

    New template!

    August 19, 2017 by AttackOnKaiju

    Hey guys, had to make a new template like this:

    should i post this? Tell in your comments!

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  • Spoooopy

    Skin Pack Poll

    August 9, 2017 by Spoooopy

    You may have seen the Skin Pack Ideas on your Message Wall gathering up your opinion on what skin pack I should do next. Lots of people answered their own opinions, and now there is a big poll on my User Page. 

    The poll will actually be multiple polls, eliminating the ideas with the least votes. It will go on and on until there are only two skin packs left. If one receives more votes than the other, then that skin pack will be the one that I will work on.

    Here are the rules for the poll:

    Only vote once, don't cheat and use multiple accounts

    Don't vote for your own ideas

    That's all :D

    (Please vote, I can't have this poll up on my user page forever!)

    Link to my user page:

    Currently, Fire is beating Alternat…

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  • AttackOnKaiju
    Welcome to the Animal idea Bulletin Board! here are the rules:
    • No Swearing,Bullying,Harassment, etc
    • No claiming your animals as A REAL ONE! because it will never happen, (well probaly). but dont ask about m-eh, nevermind
    • If you curse 0 times, GREAT!
    • If you curse 1 time, "insert sheep vocal"
    • If you curse 2 times, You had a chance to get blocked for 1 day
    • If you curse 3 times, You had a 30% chance to get blocked for 4 days
    • If you curse 4 times, You had a 60% chance to get blocked for 7 days

    Here are some notes:
    • Go download the picture of Animal Template, Yes. that page.
    • Follow the technique of the Animal Template
    • idk, i forgot what to say. Well good luck!

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  • Spoooopy

    Application for Admin

    August 3, 2017 by Spoooopy

    Since Gas is no longer on this wiki, I would like to take OMG's place as Admin. I may not be your first choice, but I can be helpful. I'm not leaving this wiki just because won't update, or even if Net Neutrality gets destroyed. The point is, we need to save this wiki. I can help stop vandalism by just simply blocking the user, and reverting the page, and I can promote helpful users to Chat Mod and Discussions Mod. I'm usually on this wiki every day, so I shouldn't be able to miss a vandalized page. There are just a few problems with me being Admin. I'm not great with things like Media Wiki, CSS, and JS. I'm not a good coder either, so I can't work source mode on editors. (I have to copy and paste in order to do anything!) Our main…

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  • OMG18000 Gas

    Ok lets get ot the point. Why? Well mope is not getting updated and I have nothing to do. Yet I dont play mope anymore bcz its not getting any updates so rip until maybe one day I will come back one day I will come back with destroying the whole wiki? When is that? No idea bcz its a joke. For now Rip OMG18000 Gas with 4339 edits :(. Never got my dream 5K. Io games are also just ded. Lik srsy. all i play know is roblox. after I run out of games to play on roblox my life is back to being what it was 2 years ago :(. Goodbye Spoopy goodbye everyone. Sadly leaves wiki. Edit: If a poll i pusblish wins I will come back.

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  • Spoooopy
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  • 789123654sd

    Since I don't it when people do things that bother me, I've decided to come up with new Message Wall and Blog Rules:

    My official Message Wall and Blog Rules:

    1. No spamming or I will delete your comments.
    2. No threatening (ESPECIALLY ME!) or I will delete your comments.
    3. No being inappropriate or I will delete your comments.
    4. No being annoying or I will delete your comments.

    Don't let me catch you breaking any of these rules, or as always, I will delete your comments.

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  • Spoooopy


    July 6, 2017 by Spoooopy

    Since I only have to do the Neon Arctic and the Neon Food left, I already need future skin pack ideas. You may have seen that huge announcement on my profile, but just in case you haven't, I'll explain.

    Once I am done with the Neon skin pack, I will gather everyone's ideas and put them into a huge poll. The ideas with the least amount of votes are eliminated, and the other ideas will move on to the next poll, and it goes on from there. If a tiebreaker somehow happens with the last two ideas, Then I'll probably have to randomize and see which idea the randomizer wheel lands on. (I know, there was no other way!) Ideas can arrange from anything to TV shows, Movies, or something simple.


    Don't spam ideas (Only 5 ideas max, except for me, Mu…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    MLG Ideas XD

    June 30, 2017 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    As said they're MLG XD

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    I created this category, (I hope I made it, actually), called "Article Stub". All pages/articles under this category need to have more info and/or content to it, so It'll help readers get more of the info that they need in the real game. 

    PS: Just in case, if the category is not created, pls reply to this post to tell me your opinions if you feel you want it or not.

                                                                                                                                                                A Very New And Excited Editor 2 This Wiki,


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  • Spoooopy


    June 27, 2017 by Spoooopy

    I am going to change my name into Spoooopy. Literally, every combination of Spoopy was taken. Spooopy, Sp()()py, Spoopyy, AND EVEN SpoopyMopeio. I don't understand why there's a user who decided to take my name and make it into a fandom user, BUT I GUESS IT HAPPENED. I'm just saying that I'm changing my name into Spoooopy. (With 4 o's.)

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