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UPGRADED to Blue Whale!
Smash with your powerful tail!

The Blue Whale is the fourteenth animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Mammoth and Elephant



The Blue Whale is a blue with lighter sides and navy blue fins and tail. It has a small black blowhole and a wide snout. It has a massive tail.


The Blue Whale's ability is used to knock predators and tail-biters away. It also can be used for stunning your prey.

If a predator is low on health, try slapping them with your tail for free XP! Try tail-biting a Kraken, then turn around and slap it. This gives you time to get away. If tail-bitten, slap your prey, then turn around and eat it.

Also, you should team up. If you team up you can maybe even kill a Black Dragon if he is in the ocean.

When on low health, DON'T run away instantly. Tail-whack your enemy and THEN run away. Beware of Black Dragons when running away, or anything which can eat you.



  • The Blue Whale is the only animal to have a special body shape, an oval that narrows down to become its head.
  • It was added in the April 18 update.
  • It has a similar ability to the Donkey.
  • When old skins are activated looks like the elephant.

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