UPGRADED to Boa Constrictor!
Coil and suffocate other animals!

Boa Constrictor is a tier 13 Animal equal to the Hippo, Killer Whale, and Sabertooth Tiger.


  • The Boa Constrictor:
    • Upgrades from Cobra, Wolverine, Shark, and Rhino at 250K XP
    • Upgrades to Elephant, Blue Whale, Mammoth and Giant Spider at 500K XP
    • Press W to Suffocate Animals and drag them like Croc, by doing this you'll cause them some damage. Although this ability also works on predators, it's interrupted when they hurt you. Ocean animals can be a target due to their constant need of water.


The Boa Constrictor appears as a light-brownish coiled-up snake a forked tongue sticking out of its mouth, small nostrils, and has a threatening glare due to ovals by its eyes. It also has a straight line going above and between its eyes. It's tail is extra long, so beware of biters. A small easter-egg shows that the details on the constrictor's body are actually River Currents.

Its graphics change when constricting. It will spring forward and "coil" itself around the victim.


A great way to level up as Boa Constrictor is to stay by the Seashore, wait for an Orca to come, then snatch it onto Land and suffocate it! Sounds harsh, but it's good to know. If you are using this strategy, please note that the Boa Constrictor is extremely slow at swimming, and some Orcas may know what you're doing.

You can also hunt for Crocs, Rhinos, and Cobras, but Bears are your easiest target as you can climb Rocks and Hills. Cobras are easy too, but Rhino and Croc can be challenging to eat. Once again, chase your prey until you get close enough, then bite into it and suffocate your prey. This should kill it slowly, but sometimes your prey may live, but very weak. You should be able to kill it in one bite after. If you see a Hippo or Orca with low health, you can also kill them with your ability.

Watch out for Giant Spiders, as they can easily trap you in their web, and quickly eat you. Be on the lookout for webs, as it is a sign that a Giant Spider is near you. Do not attempt to tail bite it, as it can shoot a spider web at you, or quickly turn around and Poison you, and you'll most likely die of poison.

You can kill predators with your ability but the ability deactivates if you are damaged so only attempt if predators have EXTREMELY low health.

Since that Animals fade in Bushes, find a perfect bush to hide in, or stalk, however, Lakes are one of the best places to hide since you can dive. Nobody will see you, if you see prey, wait for it to come near the bush and SUFFOCATE IT! but if you fail, try doing it in Land or do it in a Cave near volcanoes, or just do it in Caves. If you picked to hunt near lava, try finding prey (some prey cannot come to here, but Black Dragons or Dragons can.), also, make sure a Eagle dosen't come, they are very dangerous and drop you in Lava! but before it grabs you, try to suffocate it and dip it in lava for some seconds.



  • The Boa Constrictors design used to look like this as seen in KOA's videos, which looks like this: Boaconstrictor
  • The Boa Constrictor, Cobra, and Giant Spider were originally going to be part of a scrapped biome, the Poison Biome
  • Actually,the Boa Constrictor isn't an venomous animal,due to being a constrictor (suffocate prey with it's body)Although,KoA sai it would be the 2nd poison biome animal