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Octopus This page is a mess! Fix it up or the Octopus will have to do it himself... with his ink!

This page is list of Bugs and glitches on that used to be in the game

No Skin and Use Low graphics Hippo Design

When you use the No Skins settings and Low graphics, the Hippo will appear to have a green snout. it means the snout color was swapped with the tail color. This bug has been fixed.

Infinite Coconuts/Bananas Spawn Glitch

Sometimes in servers bananas or coconuts will spawn rapidly. This bug has been fixed. When this glitch was active, animals would rise up to 50 Million XP.

Invisible Animal

When you keep right-mouse click and click the animal you will be invisible. This bug is fixed.

Smallest Animal

When you as Octopus will use your ability at whirlpool you can become smallest Zebra ever. This bug is already fixed.

Mud Boost

When you boost at mud you will go at a quick speed. This bug is already been fixed.

Ability Glitch

When in Sandbox keep pressing up-arrow and down-arrow and enter and w you get the Ability Glitch. This glitch allows you to use an ability rapidly. This bug is already fixed.

Croc Ability

On Jan 20 Crocodiles had the ability which it does nothing. This bug is fixed.

Cheetah Fire

When you use your ability as a Cheetah instead of a boost, you will shoot fire! This bug is already fixed.

Mushroom Bush Glitch

All animals can eat mushroom bushes. This bug was fixed.

Snowball Glitch

Any animals can push snowballs under trees and rocks. This bug was fixed.

Underwater Eating

Any animal could eat mushroom bushes underwater. This bug was fixed.

Snail Bug

When this glitch was active, the Snail would not give XP. This bug was fixed.

Smallest Hill

Octopuses can be small like the last Octopus glitch, but with the hill this time. There can be also a small hill but larger than mini one and smaller than normal one.

Mushroom Bush and Conch Glitch

Mushroom Bush and Conch did not give xp. This bug is fixed.

Yeti Ability Instakill

When the Yeti uses it's ability on a animal which is healing by healing stone, the animal will die instantly.

Mole glitch

when the mole digs underground and goes for an animal's tail it can bite the animal's tail even underground and even if the aniamal has a dark green tail. This bug is fixed after it is published for five minuites


Sometimes when you choose the mouse you go to 3m instantly. This bug is fixed.

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