The Cassowary is a bird that was tested by K.O.A when he released Flamingo on, it's ability is a charge that when you end the charge it kicks like a donkey but forward.



The Cassowary looks basically like a big black chicken with a blue head. It also has a black beak with 2 red beak-balls under it. It has also a yellow mohawk on the middle center of its face. If you look closely on the back of its head, you can see a tiny part of its neck. The rest of its body is totally covered with what´s supposed to be black feathers. It has also an big fat black tail.


Try to charge, hit and kill prey with your ability. Its actually easier to kill other players with it then donkey or zebra because it kicks forward instead of backwards. You can also try to take the risk to kill predators with it as it deals good damage. You could try to team up with other Cassowaries to kill higher tiers. Its not recommended to go in the ocean, as you are pretty slow in it and have a short dive time. This could make you a free food source for Krakens and King Crabs. You also must not get to cocky with your ability as if there aren't any other Cassowaries around, you could be pretty easy prey for predators, especially for Krakens King Crabs and Sea Monsters. 


  • K.o.A was seen testing it on Beta.
  • It could kill its equivalents before it was really added on beta.
  • It is pretty small for its tier, its even smaller then an Giant Spider.
  • Its the first bird added in elephant tier.
  • Its the third playable bird in mope that cant fly, the other two are Ostrich and Phoenix. (AI birds do not count as you cant play as them).
  • Many people hate this animal because of the fact that it is extremely overpowered. For example: It´s charges lasts way longer then that of the rhino, swordfish and other charge users. It has also a ridiculous amount of knock-back. It can also deal massive damage, especially against lower tier animals. It can kill an croc tier with about still 3/4th of its health left instantly with just ONE SINGLE KICK. And it can also kick animals even when their underwater.

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