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This is the page containing all resources. Here is a short documentation of each.


Main article: Berry

The berry is a resource that can be eaten by all animals(except for deer). It has two variants, the large berry and the small berry.

Large Berry

The large berry has a 1 in 5 chance to spawn instead of a normal berry, and gives 3 XP when eaten.

Small Berry

The small berry spawns randomly, and from berry bushes. It gives 1 XP when eaten.

Berry Bush

The berry bush is an object that blocks mice, rabbits, pigs, their Arctic and Ocean equvalence and mole. and it spawns berries about twice a second. Animals that go through it except Dragon are hidden from view.


Main article: Lilypad

The lilypad is a food item that gives 75 XP when eaten and can be eaten by seahorses and above, but not moles. It only spawns in lakes/oceans, relatively frequently, and will automatically be destroyed if pushed out of water.


Main article: Mushroom

The mushroom is a food item that has two variants, normal and dark red. It also has a bush that can be eaten.


The regular mushroom spawns randomly on land and in lakes(not oceans), and gives 20 XP to fox and above, 8 XP to pigs and crabs, and cannot be eaten by mice, shrimp, rabbits, or trout.

Dark red

The dark red mushroom spawns randomly on land or water(more commonly on islands in lakes/oceans), gives 400 XP to anyone turtle or above, 200 XP to deer and jellyfish, and cannot be eaten by moles or below.


The mushroom bush spawns relatively infrequently, and with 12 bites, gives 1,200 XP to anyone zebra or above. It spawns mushrooms about once every five seconds.


Main article: Plankton

Plankton spawn in oceans and have two variants, large and small, and have their own bush(also only in oceans).


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