Press W to get a speed boost! (Every 8 seconds)!

The cheetah is the eighth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Stingray and Wolf.


The cheetah:

  • Can be eaten by everything above it


The cheetah has a pale golden color, with 20 darker spots on its back. Unlike in real life, the cheetah grows to be much larger than the lion.


Cheetahs, like Deer, are faster than normal on land. You can use your speed boost to easily escape from predators. Be careful not to curve around something, such as a hill, because that can give your pursuer an opportunity to attack you! If you have a straight path that you can follow to flee from your predator, you should be fine and able to lose your predator or jump into a hiding hole quickly.

Your increased speed also gives you an advantage in hunting and chasing prey; make sure to use your speed boost when they are running in a straight line.

Make sure to guard your tail well; it's much longer than most other animals, and therefore more susceptible to be bitten by potential prey.

Eat pears, bananas and mushroom bushes to level up.

You can also try launching yourself at the tail of a dragon/black dragon to level yourself up quite a ways in a relatively safe and very efficient manner. It's recommended to wait until BDs/Phoenixes are out of the lava.



  • This is the first animal to be added in an update that did not add multiple animals.
    • It was added in the October 12th update.
  • It previously upgraded to the crocodile at 37k XP.
  • Prior to a recent update to Cheetah's speed, its upgrade message read: "You're super quick!- Let's chase someone..."
  • It's upgrade text was changed 4 times
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH : Cheetahs love eating lions.
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH : You're super quick!-Let's chase someone...
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH : These are quite fast!
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH : An extra fast animal!
    • UPGRADED to CHEETAH! Press W to get a speed boost! (Every 8 seconds)!
  • Before October 27th, it upgraded to the Zebra.
  • Previously, it could not eat Berries or Lilypads
  • It is the only land animal with a speed boost (10%) when not sprinting.
  • Before teleportation was available, there were a lot more Cheetahs in the ocean
  • One of only four animals that has different color variations of the same skin, shared with the Snow leopard.
  • Previously it was after lion.