所述花栗鼠是AI控制,隨機產卵北極動物在 它可以被兔子,鱒魚和北極野兔+吃掉。默認情況下,它提供60 xp,儘管它可以通過咬動物的尾巴來增加。花栗鼠大約是鼠標的大小,雖然它可以在咬尾巴後獲得最大的北極野兔的大小。花栗鼠可以被其他動物推開,他們可以使用隱藏孔。它在4月9日更新中與黑龍,治療石,肉類,西瓜,胡蘿蔔,北極的天氣和火山。他們在北極很常見。他們慢慢走向隨機的方向,因為花栗鼠的AI決定去哪裡,他們可以遠離將來的捕食者。他們經常咬住動物的尾巴,偷走所述動物的XP,並增加花栗鼠的大小和食用時的XP。花栗鼠喜歡吃的食物,並獲得更大的(這使得它給更多的XP),但他們不能吃的食物上面的漿果。花栗鼠是一種北極動物,在陸地上會快速死亡..

The Chipmunk, prior to the April 9th update, was a playable Animal, and the Arctic equivalent of the Mouse and Shrimp. It was added on January 1st, to replace the Lemming.


The Chipmunk:

  • Had a maximum XP of 50, at which point it turns into the Rabbit.
  • Could hide in both small and large Hiding Holes. Can also hide in Whirlpools.
  • Could only eat Berries and Water drops.
  • Could be eaten by any animal below Reindeer.
  • It is still playable, if you die as an arctic hare, you will have the option to respawn as a chipmunk
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