UPGRADED to Cobra!
Hold W to Spit venom, and poison animals with your bite!

The Cobra (formerly known as the Black Cobra) is equivalent to the Rhino,Shark or Wolverine. When its ability is activated, the text will read "HISSSS!" and two-four venom balls will be spat from the Cobra's mouth.

This poison slows down the victim by 10% and drains health until it wears off. On the occasion where another animal tries to bite an infected animal, they too will be poisoned with similar effects. If an animal bites the cobra, it will be poisoned unless it's the Giant Spider or a Boa Constrictor.



The Cobra is a coil of dark gray and light gray stripes. Its tail is large and a forked tongue protrudes from its mouth, with two deadly fangs curving alongside it. Unlike many animals in, the Cobra is one of the most complex, with patterns and the ever-recognizable coils. 


Use your venom to slow down prey and ward off predators. Eat your prey before the venom wears off, and make sure that they can't eat because that makes the venom wear off faster. After the venom wears off be careful, because your prey will be able to use its special move now.

When threatened by a predator, poison it, and then run away. If there are several predators teaming, try to hit them with both your venom balls. It will ward off at least two of them, so your threat will be less.

If you see a predator with very low HP spit poison at them and they will either turn them into meat eventually or eat them automatically if they had EXTREMELY low health!

Remember to ALWAYS aim carefully, because if you miss it's a waste of venom.  Then you'll be left with no defenses against predators. Also, the best areas to survive is at the bottom of the land region or the land area right below the Arctic. Never go to the Ocean, you'll be eaten within seconds!



  • It, the Boa Constrictor, and the Giant Spider are the first and only poison animals.
  • It is the second animal to be renamed, the first was The Yeti!.
  • It was originally supposed to go on hills, but this was not seen in the final version.
  • The poison used to last twice as long.