UPGRADED to Cobra!
Hold W to Spit venom, and poison animals with your bite!

Cobra is the equivalent to the rhino, It's ability was suddenly confirmed by momo gamer (KOA's son) when Stan came back from his vacation, When the Black Cobra uses the ability, the text says "HISSSS!" And it spreads 2 venom balls. the ability text is like Wolverine,Lion,Gorilla, etc. The poison itself slows down the victim by 10% and drains it's health until it wears off. If another animal tries to bite a infected animal, they too will be poisoned.



The Cobra is dark gray with light gray stripes on its body and on the side of its head. It has a big tail, and a forked tongue protruding from its mouth, with fangs on either side of it. Its body is in coils.


Once you have gotten to the Cobra, use your venom to slow down prey and ward off predators. Eat your prey before the venom wears off, and make sure that they can't eat because that makes the venom wear off faster.

When threatened by a predator, poison it and then run away. If there are several predators teaming, try to hit them with both your venom balls. It will ward off at least to of them, so your threat will be less.

If you see a predator with very low HP throw fire at them and you will either turn them into meat eventually or eat them automatically if they had EXTREMELY low health!



Poison Animals

BoaConstrictor Boa Constrictor Cobra Cobra GiantSpider Giant Spider

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