The Coconut is a food item that allows animals to level up, giving 200 or more XP when eaten. They can be eaten by any animal from the Gorilla or higher.

Coconut Tree

Coconut Trees are large, light green, transparent, and look ma mixture of hills and bushes. Coconuts spawn on coconut trees. 


  • Coconuts and Coconut trees got added on the 15th December update.
  • In the second Singapore server (Asia/Australia → Asia 2), a glitch happened, where Coconuts spawned at an EXTREMELY fast rate. The lucky animal(or animals) who sits in them would gain tens of thousands of XP in seconds, causing the leaderboard to get insanely high scores. However, it only lasted a few hours.
  • The coconut has an old design, which was never used.
  • Animals unable to eat coconuts could go through them, so it cannot be pushed.
  • When a gorilla is using its ability, it has small chance of throwing a coconut which hits harder, stuns for a longer time and deals more damage.

    The old unused design of Coconut

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