The Conch is an Ocean food item in It is a rare food being like an Ocean Mushroom Bush. Also, it is the current shell for the Crab. It can currently be eaten by Croc, Octopus, Polar Bear+. They give around 1k-3k XP when eaten.


  • You can use lower-level animals to eat the conch, especially the pufferfish and the eagle, by blowing up near it and flying over and circling it, respectively.
  • However, it almost gives nothing, with the snail giving at least 4k, and the conch giving a maximum of 12k. This means by the time you get to octopus, there's no point in wasting your time with conches.
  • As a result of conches giving so little experience, they are usually just useless and block the ways of animals chasing others. This can turn out to your advantage (many a time someone has been sucked in and saved by a little bot snail), or make you rage.


  • It was Added in the March 14 Update, along with other Ocean food.
  • Also, there's a Mini "Easter egg" if you are a Crab, you will see, your shell is not a "Shell" but a Conch.
  • It's a high food level. Only the Croc and above can eat it.
  • It must be hit a few times for it to "break".
  • It, Mushroom Bush, and the Snail are the only foods that need to be hit a few times to "break".
  • The conch is technically a more streamlined Clam however, it gives more exp and can only be eaten by Croc+, unlike the Clam.
  • The animals in tend to eat the Conch the wrong way as they swallow the shell of the Conch instead of the insides, just like they do with the Clam.
  • There was a bug when conch didn't give xp. This bug is now fixed.
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