Controls are commands that allow you to instruct your animal to interact with the environment or do certain actions.

List of controls

Normal controls:

  • Mouse - Move around (You will move to the direction your mouse is pointing at).
  • Left-click or Spacebar - Dash or Sprint.
  • Double Click - Use your second ability, (eg. fly high, run fast)
  • W or right click - Use a ability. (eg. digging for food, breathing fire) and Spit Water. (when a animal is without a ability)
  • S - Shoot out water (animals with and without abilities)
  • Enter - Chat in-game (press enter again to show your message).
  • Joystick - Move around the joystick bg (only on mobiles or tablet).

Removed Controls

  • Up arrow - level up (in sandbox)
  • Down arrow - level down hkj(in sandbox)