Crabs can survive on dry land!
(On land, Press W to go into your shell!)

The Crab is the third ocean animal in, and the ocean equivalent of the Pig and Penguin.


The crab:


The Crab is one of the simplest animals in the game, and is pretty small. Its tail is not directly visible. Its base color is red, and its only characteristic is its image-only side claws, and without images, it actually walks forwards. It gains a new appearance when hiding inside its shell. When in the shell, it is covered by a triangle-like cover, which is a light shade of red. A little bit of the head and claws stick out when inside the shell. Crabs also have a low health range, so a shock from a stingray does alot of damage.


When on land, players can hold the "W" button to enter their shells, which decreases health and XP loss by 70%, and speed by 50%. The same can be done using the Turtle, get into a lake or the ocean to not have the shell.



  • The crab is the only animal that walks sideways.
  • It is the only ocean animal along with Turtle and its mutation that can go onto land and not run out of water within a few seconds.
  • This is the lowest tier animal who can climb Hills and Rocks
  • Hiding in shell crab design was changed on March 14.
  • It's one of the only 3 animal that doesn't have a tail,Also It's the highest tier animal doesn't have a tail.