Press W to bite and drag around animals!
+ (Now hide in water spots)+ Swim well in Mud, Lakes & Oceans!

Croc or Crocodile is the eleventh animal in and the land equivalent of the Octopus and the Polar Bear.


The Crocodile:

  • Can eat everything from below it, to Mole and all food items
  • It can be eaten by anything above it.
  • Can swim quickly in lakes and mud.
  • Crocodile has an ability called the Bite Drag that drags other animals, but when hit while dragging a larger animal it will release that animal. You can let go anytime with W.
  • It is immune to the river effect


Its body is a solid neon green, with a snout and 6 dark green spikes. It has a trapezoid nose with dots for nostrils and a small tail. To a new player, it may appear similar to a Dragon, although the Dragon is much larger, with a light turquoise hue.


Go to the Ocean or a River, and then drag prey onto land and eat them. When a predator with a stunning ability like Rhino comes, hide in a whirlpool. Another strategy is going to a river then get food from it, but when you see a predator that moves freely in Rivers, just go to land. If you have the advantage over them in water or mud, just evade them and maybe try to get a bite. Also, you can drag land animals into the water, where they are slow, or into mud or a river.

Another strategy using your bite/drag ability is bringing prey into the mud. You must find a suitable animal (such as a bear) quickly grab them and drag them into the mud. Since every land animal below you (except pig) are slow in mud you can easily kill them(and you can't kill pigs anyway).

Use your ability wisely. Don't mess with predators with it unless you have a good reason, like dragging them out of the way into mud or water to escape be careful what you choose though, as some predators are fast, especially hippos and dragons. (Including the Black Dragon.) If you run into a water predator, drag it onto land so it turns into meat, and you can eat the animal that tried to eat you. (evil grin) It is difficult as when the predator bites you, you let go.

Another good and quick way is to stay on the Beach and wait for an Octopus to come by. Then, use your dragging ability to pull them out of the Ocean, and make them stay there until they get dehydrated and collapses into a bunch of Meat. Just beware of other Crocodiles and other things that may want that Octopus too!

When being chased by rhinos or elephants, go into a river and ran against the river's current (crocs are immune to river currents, but elephants and rhinos gets pushed away) to escape quickly. Note that this does not work for hippos, dragons and black dragons, because they are immune to the river's current as well. So if you are being chased by one of these animals go into a cave or whirlpool instead.



  • A long time ago, before the Bear or Cheetah were added, it upgraded from the Lion at 16,000 XP.
  • Before the Hippo and Rhino were added, it upgraded to the Dragon at 70,000 XP.
  • It was the last animal to get an ocean variant, said variant being the Octopus.
  • On January 20, 2017, the Crocodile had a secret ability where it did nothing
  • It has the fourth longest dive time of all animals at one minute, with only the shark the hippo and the Kraken beating it.
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