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Press W to dig up food!
Dig in mud for better food!
Hint:Check water areas for new food sources!"

The Deer is the sixth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Jellyfish and Reindeer.


The Deer:


The deer is coloured brown with two pale-yellow antlers and two brown ears. It also has a black nose in the front.


Deer move faster than normal on land, but drain water much more quickly. When you are a deer and are being chased by a predator, use your speed boost to flee from the predator. Beware of hills and other obstacles that you cannot pass through, however, as curving around an obstacle can give your predator an opportunity to attack you! If you have a straight path that you can follow to escape from your predator, you should be fine and able to lose your predator or jump into a hiding hole for safety. Select your hiding hole carefully, though---if your predator camps you in the hiding hole and you do not have any waterholes nearby, you could run out of water and eventually die of thirst!



  • It was originally unable to eat berries
  • It used to be a herbivore and could not eat other animals prior to the 21st of November update
  • It is extremely absurd that the Deer can eat other animals. After all, deer are herbivorous in real life.
  • On March 24 deers were swapped with foxes.
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