This is a Beta Feature only accessable at, and has not been released into the main game. If/When it gets released into the main game, remove this template.

The Desert is the fifth biome added in the game and is located at the bottom of the map with its size just like the artic. The plan out of the landscape was released to on the 11th of October 2018.


Though without the Desert Animals, people are already thinking about what animals will be in it. The most likely animal is the Kangaroo Rat, because it was leaked by former designer Pike (even with a design).

If a non-Desert animal enters the Desert, they burn from the heat.


  • The desert might have date fruit trees and cacti food items unique to the Desert.
  • The desert was scrappped but later brought back on October 11, 2018 to


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Desert Animals

Kangarooratbody Kangaroo Rat Komododragon Komodo Dragon

Upcoming Animals

Dino monster round head Dino Monster · Arctic Monster Ice Monster