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The Desert is an upcoming biome in It will be the same size as the Arctic but positioned at the bottom of the map, and will be the fifth biome added in the game.


  1. Sand dunes, will function the same as hills
  2. Quicksand, a substitute to mud that should slowly damage animals and slow them similarly to mud.
  3. Oasis that function like lakes but will probably be bigger.
  4. Oasis should spawn up to 4 coconut trees around them.
  5. 4 oases per desert.
  6. (Possibly) date fruit trees, dates would be the desert equivalent of bananas.
  7. Water spots should only spawn around oases, and desert animals should lose water 40% slower.
  8. (Possibly) a border of hills/trees around the desert with several entrance gaps, to match real life.
  9. Cacti would be edible by Fox and up, and would give 600 XP. However, players would be stunned for 1 second upon eating it.
  10. Some rarer cacti would spawn with a fruit (prickly pear) and give 1,000 XP upon eating.
  11. (Possibly) A rare chance for a lake/river to spawn within the Desert.

Food Chain for the desert


The desert background should have this color and the sand dunes will have that color. Quicksand should be the same color as mud, which is brown. Just like arctic animals, desert animals will be slowed down and damaged on normal land.


  • It will be released possibly this Summer

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