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The Desert is was a planned biome in but it was scrapped. It would have probably been the same size as the Arctic but positioned at the bottom of the Minimap, and would've been the fifth biome added in the game. ☀


The following animals have been leaked on the official subreddit.

Food Chain for the desert

  1. Kangaroo Rat (Mouse)
  2. Unknown - (Rabbit)
  3. Unknown - (Pig)
  4. Unknown - (Mole)
  5. Unknown - (Deer)
  6. Unknown - (Fox)
  7. Unknown - (Zebra/ Donkey)
  8. Unknown - (Cheetah/Giraffe)
  9. Unknown - (Lion/ Gorilla)
  10. Unknown - (Bear)
  11. Unknown - (Croc/Tiger)
  12. Unknown - (Rhino)
  13. Unknown - (Hippo)
  14. Unknown - (Elephant)
  15. Unknown - (Dragon)
  16. Unknown - (Black Dragon)


The desert background would mostly likely be this color .


  • The desert might have date fruit trees and cacti food items unique to the Desert.


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Desert Animals

Kangarooratbody Kangaroo Rat Komododragon Komodo Dragon

Upcoming Animals

Dino monster round head Dino Monster · Arctic Monster Ice Monster