This is a Beta Feature only accessable at, and has not been released into the main game. If/When it gets released into the main game, remove this template.

The Desert is the fifth biome added in the game and is located at the bottom of the map with its size just like the artic.  The plan out of the landscape was released to on the 11th of October 2018.


One of the subreddit moderators, SketchyPotato98 confirmed that the Phoenix will be the apex tier animal (tier 15) of the Desert 9(We dont know yet how the Phoenix is then gonna be able to drink lava, maybe that gets removed or theres gonna be a lava pool in the desert). DaRealPhoneix hinted that there will be a possible new tier 15 along with Phoenix. Though with just a few of the other Desert Animals, people are already thinking about what other animals will be in it. The confirmed animals are the Kangaroo Rat, Desert Chipmunk, Meerkat, Armadillo, Gazelle, Fennec Fox, Gobi bear, Phoenix, Camel, Warthog and the Bird Monster. This was confirmed by KOA on his Youtube videos. The Komodo Dragon is also most likely going to be a desert animal well its unconfirmed wich tier its gonna be. People think that its gonna be on Croc, or Hippo tier.


The proof that Phoenix will be the desert apex

If a non-Desert animal enters the Desert, they burn from the heat. The desert as if right now has no distinguishable features from any other biome besides its yellow coloration and heat damage. It has the lowest amount of food present among all the biomes and also has one of the fewest amounts of hills and rocks. It has no plants unique to its own terrain, but it is under development, so it may have more terrianeal features in the future.


  • The desert might have date fruit trees and cacti food items unique to the Desert.
  • The desert was scrappped but later brought back on October 11, 2018 to
  • However, it was removed once again and brought back on January 3, 2019
  • Wolverines, Sabertooth Tigers, Yetis, Ice Monsters, Phoenixes, Land Monsters and Black Dragons do not burn in the desert.

Animals (confirmed)

Tier 1. Kangaroo Rat

Tier 2. Desert Chipmunk

Tier 3. Meerkat

Tier 4. Armadillo

Tier 5. Gazelle

Tier 6. Fennec Fox

Tier 7. Camel

Tier 8. Warthog

Tier 9. Hyena

Tier 10. Gobi bear/Rattlesnake

Tier 11.  Vulture

Tier 12. Coming Soon

Tier 13. Komodo Dragon (probably)

Tier 14. Coming Soon

Tier 15. Phoenix/Unknown (Sam.ple confirmed a new apex in addition to phoenix)

Tier 16. Bird Monster


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Desert Animals

Kangaroorat Kangaroo Rat DChipmunkDesert Chipmunk MeerMeerkat ArmadilloArmadillo GazellGazelle FennecfoxFennec Fox

CamlCamel WarthogWarthog HyenaHyena GobibearGobi Bear RattlesnakeRattlesnake VulturVulture BisonBison

Komododragon Komodo Dragon PhoenixOfficialArts Phoenix ; Bird Monster

Upcoming Animals
None So Far