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The Dino Monster is an upcoming Animal in The animal was confirmed by developer on Official Youtube channel in a teaser. Its the 4th confirmed animal from 4 upcoming monsters. The other monsters are Sea Monster, Arctic Monster, and Land Monster.

As per King, the Dino Monster will live in Land biome. It will be the only upgrade option that will come from T.Rex.

According to King Of, who visioned the monster tier, "The Dino Monster" is a weird mutant animal a derivative of T.Rex and Dragon or Black Dragon. It has a strange ability in which it charges towards its prey and then hit it so hard so the victim flies in the sky which he calls "Toss in Air". When the victim is hit it loses some portion of its health as well as when falling on land. During whole time animal remains stunned and seen rotating when tossed in the air.

King also explained that the ability not only helps Dino Monster to kill its prey but also works as a defense tactic. He explained that if a Dino Monster is surrounded by teamers or a group of other animals then it can use the Charge ability to escape from their reach. During this type of usage, when Dino Monster hits any animal less than 1s of charge time then it won't toss them in the air instead it will knock them back and give a 2s stun, make them go flying in the air and run away. This makes the ability more interesting and helpful for Monster.

As it was revealed by King, that these Monsters are going to be Brand animals as they are never seen before nor their abilities were suggested or thought by anyone other than King himself. In one of his come back posts, King asked a community to suggest names for each of the monsters. He wants a unique name that isn't one of an already existing mythical or imaginary monster like Godzilla or Cthulhu. He wants something unique and new that only exists in

The monsters are going to be placed between the Black Dragon and Dragon-tiers which means they are going to be the new ruler of, but there is a backlash from the community due to on-going issues in the game. Solo players are not ready to face the Monsters unless the game is readjusted to something they call balancing. Stan has confirmed on Mope Reddit, in his own come back to post that he will focus on rebalancing the game to fit the demands of Mope community. the Dino Monster is actually based off of a dinosaur cryptid called Tarrasque.

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