UPGRADED to Donkey!
Press W to Kick any animal behind you

The Donkey is the 7th land animal in and is the land equivalent of the Zebra, Turtle, and Muskox.


The Donkey:

  • Has a maximum xp of 7.9k, at which point it evolves to the Cheetah, Stingray, or Wolf.
  • Upgrades from the Fox, Jellyfish, and Arctic fox at 4.2k xp.
  • Can eat all animals below it to Rabbit and their ocean/arctic equivalents.
  • Can eat berries, mushrooms, mushroom bushes, plankton, lilypads, red mushrooms, blackberry, pear, seaweed, kelp, starfish and all animals below it except Mouse, Shrimp, and Chipmunk.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it.
  • Can hide in large hiding holes, berry bushes and plankton bushes
  • The Donkey has a special ability where it kicks other animals with its rear legs, hurting and stunning them.


It is light brown with two lighter ears on top. It has a snout with black nostrils and a black mane on top of it. Its tail is rather thin.


Use your ability to your advantage. If any predators come too close, kick them back. Also, use it against tail-biters. If bitten, kick it and eat it. Skilled players that want some quick xp can kick a predator after biting its tail. The Donkey is one of the best animals for trolling because of its kick ability. It has a funny way to troll; when you see an animal that is being chased by its predator, just kick it and it will bounce and crash into its predator. You can also kick the predator to bounce into its prey too! Don't be too aggressive though; you can't kick your way out of everything. Besides, you never know when you're going to miss, so you better be sure that they are directly behind you and close enough for a good kick!

Another way to troll using Donkey is to stay close by to two Dragons fighting each other. When one is extremely close to dying, move a bit closer, turn around, and use your kick on the dragons. Your kick will kill the dragon that was low on HP, providing you with a quick pathway to Dragon.

A Black Dragon that is close to dying is the jackpot: be sure to use your kick on it! Whenever you see a high-level animal that is close to dying, just dash over to it and use your kick. But you have to time your kick correctly and also determine if you're close enough to the animal to have it within your kick range. You also have to make sure that the animal has low enough HP for your kick to kill it in one hit; otherwise, someone else could steal your kill or the animal could come after you and kill you before your kick could recharge. All in all, it depends on lots of timing and a bit of luck.

If you just want to play safe and get to the next animal quickly, eat pears and mushroom bushes.



  • It was added on the Jan 20th update along with the Mammoth, Pear, and Black Berry.
  • In recent updates, when a Donkey uses its Kick, it gets slowed down for an 8-second interval.
  • If you get kicked by a Donkey it will say: BAM! You got kicked by a donkey!
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