UPGRADED to Dragon!
(You're amazing!)
Fly over everything, Hold W to shoot fire!

The Dragon is the fourteenth and one of the penultimate Animals in, and is the land equivalent of the The Kraken and The Yeti.


The Dragon

  • Upgrades from the Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 1m XP.
  • Evolves into Black Dragon at 10m XP.
  • Can eat everything except Tier 5 animals and below, and (obviously) the Black Dragon
  • Before colossal (April 9) update, it cannot be eaten by anything. After colossal update it now can be eaten by the Black Dragon.
  • Can fly over everything.
  • Although it is flying it still gets slowed down by Lakes, Oceans and Rivers. (very slightly)
  • All animals except The Kraken and The Yeti! can go through it, so it cannot push them.
  • Is immune to ink.
  • It can breathe fire.
  • It is immune to river effect, like croc or hippo.


Dragons are one of the largest animals in the game, only dwarfed by Black Dragons and advanced Krakens. Their tails are really small. So anyone that wants quick xp will have a hard time getting it. The dragon has a light green body, 2 darker wings, eyes, snout, and dark ovals on its back.


As a Dragon, you must use your fire ability to easily catch prey; and also your flying ability to avoid tail-bites. You can fly over most structures, giving you an advantage when hunting for xp and prey, but your fire ability must not be messed with, you must make sure there are no lakes around the player you're gonna burn so it will be a successful catch. Large hiding holes actually put out fire, so you don't want to be anywhere near one. Also, Yetis can be dangerous as their freeze ability can do a lot of damage to dragons and are especially dangerous in lakes and oceans as they can quickly put out fire. Make sure that you are away from water as that can also put out the fire.

If you find a Black Dragon, don't bother with a "fire-breathing contest". Fly away as fast as possible. Get to water, dive, and if timed right it won't see you. Then you can tail-bite it.

If you find a Kraken, use your tail biting ability to take a crunch out of its big tail. Skilled players trick Krakens to use their whirlpool ability then rush behind it to tail-bite it.



  • These were added on October 4th
    • They were initially added as "Dinosaurs".
  • An update from November 23rd, the "Flying over Rocks" one, made the Dragon able to hide in large holes. This was fixed two days later.
  • As a joke if you actually get to 5 million XP points, you'll "evolve" back into a Mouse that can't evolve anymore. If this Mouse is bitten, the biter gets 10K XP, making any possible predator go to Lion/Stingray. However, this has since been removed.
  • They are the only animal that can go over Rocks without diving, other than Seals,Crabs,Turtles,and Walruses.
  • Along with The Kraken and The Yeti!, it is the only animal that can bite other members of its own species.
  • Something that is shared with The Kraken and The Yeti! is that all are mythical creatures, and are the top predators of the food chain in their respective regions.
  • It is the only top predator NOT to have "The" in its name.
  • When the Fireball ability was added, it could pull off Enemies from Underwater, but One update later, the ability and the dragon were nerfed.
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