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UPGRADED to Eagle! Eagles can fly up other animals in the air! !

They can also fly high (Double click)

The Eagle is the 10th animal in, and the Land equivalent of the Bear, Swordfish, and Walrus.


The Eagle:

  • can eat Mole and its equivalents up to Lion and its equivalents
  • can be eaten by Croc and its equivalents up to Dragon and its equivalents
  • can use High Fly when you double click the boost button if you have enough water (can anyone test to see how much?), where it moves faster and can't interact with the rest of the game, as well as losing water at an accelerated rate
  • can use Fly with Prey (if has at least 60% health) to pick up animals Tier 10-, as well as animals Tier 11+ that are smaller than you, and later dropping them, doing damage (Ocean animals slip faster, flies slower over Ocean and Arctic, bigger animals slip faster)


The Eagle has a brown body. It has darker wings with three feathers on each. Its head is white with a yellow beak. Its tail has three feathers with white tips.

When attacking, its eyes narrow and sharp-taloned yellow feet appear.

When it is flying, it gets much bigger and more transparent.


Try to drop Ocean animals on Land, and use your High Fly or Fly with Prey to avoid enemies. Pufferfish are great targets; its a fast and easy way to gain XP. However, you must make sure that its ability is out of cycle, because it can stun you and then the pufferfish can escape. If you want to level up fast, try dropping some of your ocean predators on land, like octopus, sharks, and maybe even killer whales! They give you tons of XP, but make sure they don't kill you.

Use your High Fly to tailbite, and then make a quick getaway. If you encounter a high-level animal that's smaller than you, you can pick it up with Fly with Prey. Try dropping it into Lava, and wait for the "microwave" to finish cooking your meat.

Leave poison animals alone. If you are poisoned, you can’t use Fly with Prey. Hippos can kill you, so don’t let them stun you!

Avoid tigers. They can stun you with their ambush attack, and finish you off while you are stunned. Don't think about hiding on hills, as they can climb on hills and are overall faster. If a tiger has stunned you, the best strategy is to go near a predator of the tiger, as they will probably target the tiger instead of you. If you cannot find a predator, just keep running until a water spot, then fill your water bar and fly away.

Always keep your water level high, so you can always escape predators.



  • Unfortunately, Pike!, the game designer, thought Eagle was fake before it came out when Kurofox asked him if the Eagle was fake.
  • When grabbed by an Eagle, the notification message will appear; "Ow! You're grabbed by an Eagle!".
    • When dropped, the notification used to be, ”Ouch! It hurts when fall from sky!” This has been changed.
  • In the Eagle Teasers, the upgrade message for Eagle was: "UPGRADED to Eagle! Eagles are very strong and intelligent birds. They hunt anything almost equal to their size! (Tip: double-tap boost button to fly free)".
  • In teasers we can see that Eagle is outlined white when flying.
  • There was a glitch, when you fly too long as an Eagle, you will not be able to land and you will die of thirst.
  • Eagles can't grab animals that are in Bushes
  • The Eagle was nerfed in two updates, yet people still believe that it is OP (which is still true).
  • The Eagle nerf on December 25, 2017 was removed on December 31, 2017, which makes it very OP
  • The Eagle was also buffed on December 31, 2017, so it can now pick up some predators bigger than it to hippo.
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