UPGRADED to Elephant!
(Use your long trunk to attack and eat food!

The Elephant is the 14th land animal in and is the land equivalent of Blue Whale, Mammoth, and Giant Spider.


The Elephant:


The Elephant has quite a similar shape to Mammoth, but it is gray.  It has oval shaped ears that are larger than the Mammoth's in a darker shade of gray, a trunk that points outward, a pair of cream-colored tusks that are relatively shorter than that of a Mammoth's, and a small tail sticking out the back. Its black eyes are rounded with prominent highlights.


Wait in a hiding hole and wait for prey to come to you, then swipe with your trunk. Eat your prey quickly before they revive. If you're willing to take risks, try waiting in a hiding hole for a Dragon or a Black Dragon. Tail-bite it, then swipe with your trunk. Get back into the hiding hole before they revive. If you're not willing to take risks, don't do it. Instead, if you simply want to get to Dragon, hunt Rhinos, Crocs, Boa Constrictors, or Cobra's, all easy targets for elephant. Hippos are good but are very hard to kill because of their ability, so try Boa Constrictors, but make sure you are bigger in size.

You can also try diving under a rock/hill in a crowded area in the ocean and wait for preys to come, then come out, swipe it with your trunk and eat it quickly.

Use your trunk to get food from trees and eat Mushroom Bushes in one hit.

You can also try using the same strategies of other animals which can do kicks or something kick-like. However again, you have to decide if you want to take risks.


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  • When old skins are activated, it has a purple color, the same shade as a Hippo.
  • It was released on the 18th of April.
  • It's ability kills everything except for Beehives and players in one hit.