Fire Tornadoes also known as: Fire WhirlFirenado, Fire Swirl or Fire Twister are found in lava as well as from Phoenix from using their ability.They are a unique kind of terrain. Fire Tornadoes move around, usually targeting animals, and shooting fire every 4-6 seconds at an animal. Fire tornadoes also have the ability to burn Black Dragons.

Based on:

Fire Whirl:

Fire tornadoes does exist in real life, but they mostly likely to be created on firey areas with a great amount of smoke.

In real life, Fire Tornadoes do not appear on lava.


Fire tornadoes are simply two orange circles, with the one at the top having an extra, dark orange layer. Fire tornadoes also spin around, giving it the appearance of a tornado.


  • Fire tornadoes are the only terrain that can harm animals
  • Fire Tornadoes can be damaged by other players with attack abilities. (e.g. Wave).