The Flamingo is an animal which was teased by KOA on the 20th of December,2018. It was released later that day.


The Flamingo starts off with a light pink head and torso, with light pink tail-feathers as well. However, if you eat enough Shrimp and Plankton, you get more and more pink until you become completely pink.


  • Evolves from Mole, Woodpecker, Seahorse or Seal at 1K XP.
  • Evolves into Fox, Hedgehog, Peacock, Jellyfish or Arctic Fox at 2.1K XP
  • It has two different abilities:
    • If you are on land, you fly. If you eat enough Shrimp or Plankton, you become entirely pink and can fly 20% faster.
    • If you are in water, you dig for Shrimp, Plankton, or Snails.


Try to dig for food first. Digging in the ocean is the best because it gives you plenty of space away from other Flamingos that might try to rob you of your food. That will give you plenty of Shrimp to eat so you can gain the ability to fly 20% faster. If an ocean predator comes, get on a hill and then fly away.


New Birb Fly Mangos!-1

New Birb Fly Mangos!-1

Video showing how the Flamingo (though called "Fly Mango") works in


  • This bird is considered an land animal even though in real life it is more of a water animal.
  • Its now chanced to an water animal.
  • Its the 10th bird added in
  • Its the only animal so far that can change body colour.
  • Its the only animal that can dig in water.

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