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Mouse This page needs berries to eat in order to become a bigger animal. Please help add information to this article or you will be eaten by a Dragon.

FoV or Field of View is the range the animals see. There was 3 FOVs since was realeased. There are 7 different FoVs for different tiers. We'll number them so FoV 1 is the smallest and FoV 7 is the biggest.


FoV 1: Mouse/Shrimp/Chipmunk has the worst FoV out of all animals.

FoV 2: Rabbit/Trout/Arctic Hare has a better FoV than the previous and has a pretty bad FoV.

FoV 3: Pig/Crab/Penguin has a better FoV than the previous two and has a decent FoV.

FoV 4: Mole/Sea-horse/Seal has a better FoV than the previous three and has a pretty decent FoV.

FoV 5: Deer/Squid/Reindeer-Rhino/Shark/Wolverine has a better FoV than the previous four and has a good FoV.

FoV 6: Hippo/Killer Whale/Mammoth has a better FoV then the previous five and has a very good FoV.

FoV 7: Dragon/The Kraken/The Yeti! has the best FoV out of all animals!


  • Originally, there were only 3 FoVs since there were only 3 animals at the moment. Then two more got added on Oct 4, then 2 more on Feb 19th.

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