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Mouse This page needs berries to eat in order to become a bigger animal. Please help add information to this article or you will be eaten by a Dragon.

Food plays a important role in There are 18 types of food. When animal touch food and can eat it and will gain XP.

List of food

name Outlined of Dark green Graphic Outlined of light green Graphic XP Gain Spawns Where Rarity Can be eaten by
Berry Berry OutlineBigBerry 1.5 Land/Arctic, can be found while diging food Common All Animals
Big Berry Berry OutlineBigBerry 1.5 Land/Arctic Common, Rare in Lakes All Animals
Dark Berry (Removed) DarkBerry OutlineDarkBerry 500 N/A, used to be land Used to be when lion+ dies All Animals
Mushroom Mushroom OutlineMushroom 8-20 Land/Arctic, can be found while diging food Rare, Common in Lakes,when diging food and in rivers Pig+
Lilypad Lilypad Lilypadlightgreen 75 Lake can be found while diging food in Mud Rare, uncommon when diging food in mud Squid, Fox+
Plankton Plankton2 1 Ocean Common All animals
Red mushroom RedMushroom 200-400 Land/Arctic,can be found while diging food Very Rare,rare when digging food, uncommon on islands and on the rivers Deer+
Red mushroom MushroomBush MushroomBush-0 1k - 1.2k Land/Arctic,can be found while diging food in Mud Very Rare, rare on islands Zebra+
Banana Banana Bananalightgreen 100-600 Land, found on trees. Gorillas can throw these as an ability Rare Cheetah+
Coconut Coconut Coconutlightgreen 200-900 Land, found on trees. Gorillas can throw these very rarely as an ability Very Rare Lion+
Blackberry Rasberry Rasberrylightgreen 10 Arctic/Land, can be found while digging food. Also spawns around bushes Rare, Common in snowballs and around bushes Penguin+
Pear Pear Pearlightgreen 200-1k Arctic/Land. Also spawns around rarely in bushes Very Rare, Uncommon in snowballs and rare around bushes Muskox+
Seaweed Seaweed Seaweed 12 Ocean Common Crab+
Starfish Starfish Starfish e 75 Ocean,Rivers Common Seahorse+
Kelp Kelp Kelp e 250-500 Ocean Rare Jellyfish+
Seasnail Snail Snail e 4k Ocean Rare Stingray+
Clam Clam Clam e 250-1k Ocean Rare,common in rivers Pufferfish+
Conch Conch Conch e 1k-3k Ocean Rare Croc+


  • Berry, Big Berry and Mushroom were the first foods in
  • There was a dark berry but it was replaced by red mushrooms.
  • On October 21 lilypads were realeased
  • On October 26 Mushroom Bushes were realeased
  • On November 24 plankton was realeased
  • On December 15 Bananas and Coconuts were realeased
  • On Jan 20 Pears and Black Berries were realeased.
  • On March 14 Seaweed , Starfish , Kelp , Snail , Clam and Conch were realeased
  • On March 24 snails was come alive!
Berry BerryDarkBerry Dark BerryPlankton2 PlanktonLilypad LilypadMushroom Mushroom
Mushroom BushRedMushroom Red MushroomBanana BananaCoconut CoconutWater WaterPearPearsRaspberry Black BerrySeaweed SeaweedStarfish StarfishKelp KelpSnail SeasnailClam ClamConch Conch

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