In there are different food types ex : berries , mushrooms. When a animal touch a light green outlined food it will get xp.

List Of Food

Name Image Gives Can be eated by Spawn In
Berry Berry 1.5 xp All Animals Land
Mushroom Mushroom 10-15 xp Pig/Crab/Penguin+ Land/Arctic
Plankton Plankton2 1 xp All Animals Ocean
Seaweed Seaweed 12 xp Pig/Crab/Penguin+ Ocean
Arctic Berry ArcticBerry 1 xp All Animals Arctic
Lilypad Lilypad 75 xp Deer/Squid/Reindeer+ Lake
Starfish Starfish 75 xp Fox/Jellyfish/Arctic Fox+ Ocean
Kelp Kelp 200-500 xp Fox/Arctic Fox/Jellyfish+ Ocean
Arctic Nut ArcticNut 1k xp Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Ocean
Pear Pear 400-500 xp Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Land
Banana Banana 100-800 xp Cheetah/Stingray/Wolf+ Land
Snail Snail 4k-5k xp Cheetah/Stingray/Wolf+ Ocean
Mushroom Bush MushroomBush 1k-2k xp Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Land/Arctic
Meat Meat 10-1m xp N/A When animals dies without being eaten
Watermelon Slice WatermelonSlice e 500 xp Fox/Arctic Fox/Jellyfish+ Lava
Watermelon Watermelon e 3k xp Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow leopard+ Lava
Coconut Coconut 200-900 xp Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow leopard+ Land
Clam Clam 400-600 Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow leopard+ Ocean
Conch Conch 1k-2k xp Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow leopard+ Ocean
Carrot Carrot e 20 xp Rabbit/Trout/Arctic Hare+ Mud
Berry BerryDarkBerry Dark BerryArcticBerry Arctic BerryPlankton2 PlanktonLilypad LilypadMushroom Mushroom
MushroomBush Mushroom BushRedMushroom Red MushroomBanana BananaCoconut CoconutWater WaterPear PearsRasp e Black BerryWatermelon e WatermelonWatermelonSlice e Watermelon SliceCarrot e CarrotArcticNut Arctic NutMeat MeatChipmunk ChipmunkSeaweed SeaweedStarfish StarfishKelp KelpSnail SnailClam ClamConch Conch

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