In, there are different food types. When an animal touches a light green outlined food it will get an amount of XP.

List Of Food


Image XP Given Animals that can Eat Biome it Appears In
Berry Berry 1.5 All Animals Land
Mushroom Mushroom 10-15 Pig/Crab/Penguin+ Arctic/Land
Black Berry
20-50 Pig/




Red Mushroom RedMushroom 150 for Fox, 300 for Zebra+ Fox/Jellyfish/Arctic Fox+ Arctic/Land
Plankton Plankton2 1 All Animals Ocean
Seaweed Seaweed 12 Pig/Crab/Penguin+ Ocean
Arctic Berry ArcticBerry 1 All Animals Arctic
150 Deer/Squid/Reindeer+ Arctic
Lilypad Lilypad 75 Deer/Squid/Reindeer+ Lake
Starfish Starfish 75 Fox/Jellyfish/Arctic Fox+ Ocean
Kelp Kelp 200-500 Fox/Arctic Fox/Jellyfish+ Ocean
Arctic Nut ArcticNut 1K Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Ocean
Pear Pear 400-500 Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Land
Banana Banana 100-800 Cheetah/Giraffe/Stingray/Wolf+ Land
Snail Snail 4K-5K Cheetah/Giraffe/Stingray/Wolf+ Ocean
Mushroom Bush MushroomBush 3K-6K Zebra/Donkey/Turtle/Muskox+ Arctic/Land
Small Meat Meat 100 for Mouse150 for Rabbit

200 for Pig+

Mouse/Shrimp/Chipmunk+ When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere)
Medium Meat
1K for Fox2K for Zebra+ Fox/Jellyfish/Arctic Fox+ When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere)
Big Meat
10K for Croc15K for Rhino

20K for Hippo+

Croc/Tiger/Octopus/Polar Bear+ When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere)
Watermelon Slice WatermelonSlice e 500 Fox/Arctic Fox/Jellyfish+ Lava
Watermelon Watermelon e 1.2K for Lion2.4K for Bear+ Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow Leopard+ Lava
Coconut Coconut 200-900 Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow Leopard+ Land
Clam Clam 400-600 Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow Leopard+ Ocean
Conch Conch 1K-2K Lion/Gorilla/Pufferfish/Snow Leopard+ Ocean
Carrot Carrot e 20 Rabbit/Trout/Arctic Hare+ Mud
60-1K Rabbit/Trout/Arctic Hare

up to Reindeer/Deer/Squid

Chipmunk Chipmunk 60-1K Rabbit/Trout/Arctic Hare

up to Reindeer/Deer/Squid

Water Water 1.5 All Animals Arctic/Land
Berry BerryDarkBerry Dark BerryArcticBerry Arctic BerryPlankton2 PlanktonLilypad LilypadMushroom Mushroom
MushroomBush Mushroom BushRedMushroom Red MushroomBanana BananaCoconut CoconutWater WaterPear PearsRasp e RaspberryWatermelon e WatermelonWatermelonSlice e Watermelon SliceCarrot e CarrotArcticNut Arctic NutMeat MeatSeaweed SeaweedStarfish StarfishKelp KelpSnail SnailClam ClamConch ConchCloudberry CloudberryMouse MouseChipmunk Chipmunk

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