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UPGRADED to Giant Spider!
Place webs around the game to catch prey!

The Giant Spider is one of the animals released via the update on September 23rd, 2017. It is equivalent to the ElephantBlue Whale, and Mammoth - being the alternative to the Elephant.

As an additional ability, the Giant Spider is able to creat webs by holding 'W' - the longer this key is held, the larger the webs become. There is no known limit to how many webs you can create, and they will trap any animal that walks into one for ten seconds. The only exception to this would be the Dragon, which can escape within five seconds.

The Giant Spider can also bite other animals, which will poison and slow down the victim while draining their life bar until it wears out. Any animal who attempts to bite an infected animal will also be poisoned, with similar effects. Currently, the only other animal with this unusual ability is the Cobra.


The Giant Spider:


The Giant Spider has eight legs and four eyes - which is more than any other animal. It's giant head has a spot and two pincers, while it's abdomen bears another spot.


Shoot webs at prey who try to bite your tail, and then eat them. Try to camp on a hill or rock and then go after prey after trapping them in your web. Use your venom to tail-bite a predator. The predator will be slowed down and weakened so you have time to escape. If you're hunting Black Dragons, just attack their tail when they're not looking.



  • It has an unused design, seen in momo gamers video. (the image that's in the gallery)
  • The old name was Tarantula
  • It is the only tier 14 animal that climbs hills and rocks, it is the animal with most legs, and the smallest tier 14 animal. It also has the most eyes.
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