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"UPGRADED to Gorilla!
Gorillas are very fast on hills/trees!
Press W to throw bananas! (from trees)"

The Gorilla is an alternative animal for the Lion, the Pufferfish or the Snow Leopard


The Gorilla:

  • Upgrades from the Cheetah, Stingray or Wolf at 15,000 XP.
  • Upgrades to the Bear, Swordfish or Walrus at 28,500 XP.
  • Is quite slow on land, but moves 20% faster when on top of a hill or tree.
  • Is slightly faster than the bear in water.
  • Can eat all animals below it to Pig and all food types except conch.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it.
  • Can hide in whirlpools and large hiding holes
  • Press W To Throw Bananas (Only When Touching a Hill)


The Gorilla is dark grey, with a small tail. it has a tiny, light grey snout with 2 black dots. the same colour of the snout is also used on its face.


When you are a Gorilla, use your 20% speed boost on hills to escape from predators or chase after prey. A good idea is to camp on a hill until prey passes by you. Immediately dash after the prey, using the speed boost on the hill to give you an advantage and allow you to catch up with it if it is ahead of you. If you are being pursued by a predator, go on a hill and use the speed boost on it to get a head start in running away from the predator. Since most predators cannot go on hills, you should be able to slow them down as they have to take a side-cut around the hill, while you can cut straight across the hill.



  • The Gorilla was added on the December 12th update.
  • Gorillas are the fastest animals on hills and trees
  • Gorilla will can throw fish in future
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