Healing stones were added in the April 9th update, to follow the Black Dragon. If you touch them, they heal you rapidly, give you water and give you more XP Big Healing Stones are found in the Lava Biome and are used to heal faster, gain XP and heal Black Dragons. Healing Stones work as a good shortcut for low-level animals. Small Healing Stones can be found in the Ocean, Land, and Arctic Biomes.


  • Healing stones were originally called "Diamonds" while looking like a pink octagon instead of a rugged rock.
  • Only one Big Healing Stone will exist at a time. When it is destroyed, another will appear in the Lava Biome.
  • Although it can be destroyed by every animal in, it does not have a light green outline.
  • Animals will glow pink as they touch the Healing stone.


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