Hiding holes are, as the name implies, holes that animals large and small can use to hide away from predators. There are two versions of hiding holes: a smaller one A.K.A. holes for small animals ( Fox and

below), and large hiding holes A.K.A. caves, for all animals except Black Dragon

There is no limit to how long you can stay in a hiding hole, though you will eventually need to drink water. The only way to stay alive forever is by going into a hiding hole that is right next or in a lake or mud, and then go to the very edge of the hiding hole, where you should be considered in the lake/mud.

There's also a blue version of the hole, called the whirlpool and only found on oceans : All animals except for Black Dragon can hide there.


  • Hiding holes were added on October 10
  • Before the Black Dragon, The Dragon could not go into hiding holes.
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