Hippos are great swimmers, dominate the Lakes/Oceans/Mud!

The hippo is the thirteenth animal in, and is the land equivalent of the Killer Whale and Sabertooth Tiger.


The Hippo:

  • Upgrades to the Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 500k XP.
  • Hippo had 3 looks: original(brown), classic(purple), and new.
  • It's ability can randomly be larger than usual.


The Hippo is purple, with a purple snout and two darker purple nostrils. is has a solid triangle tail and light purple ears.

As of a recent update, Hippos got a new, more realistic look (they used to


be brown, see the image to the right).


The Hippo can move quickly in water and mud. If a predator tries to eat you, use your ability to escape. If you see an elephant just go in the water or mud because elephant is slow there. To hunt down prey use your ability. Rhinos and crocs are the best ones to hunt down. If you see a big croc that's almost a small rhino. If you see a big rhino that's almost about to evolve; don't let it evolve just use your ability!



  • It is the only animal that its old skin is a different colour than the new one (first being brown then purple)
  • It used to have shark as its ocean counterpart but this was changed to a Killer Whale after the December 7th update.
  • It is the only purple animal in the game.
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