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This Wiki was created on October 13, 2016! We currently have 77 editors and 125 articles with 13,510 edits!

Welcome to the Wikia!

Welcome! This is the official (so far) information database for the game! is the addictive hit online browser game that is considered by many people to be "the new". The game's capacity is 26000 people. Put simply, you are an animal, who eats berries, mushrooms, and other animals in order to grow. You must also drink water to survive. But be careful! There is an established foodchain: as you try to eat smaller animals, you yourself must also not be eaten by bigger animals. Animals with lime-green outlines are your prey, and animals with red outlines are your predators! Some animals have special abilities - for instance, pigs can slide in mud, lions can roar, penguins can slip on ice and dragons can fly!

If you have any ideas that you might not be able to edit post it here

Please Read The Rules before editing.

Please Read The Chat Rules Before Coming To Chat.

The game is updated on a regular basis, and it can be played on mobile! Just click here to start playing!

Have any questions or comments? If you need any help, feel free to visit the Staff page for a list of every available staff member on this wiki. The Staff page also contains information on how to apply for a staff position, a list of staff ranks, and general rules everyone on this wiki should follow. Be sure to check it out!

Need to create a page for the wiki? Check the page layout guide first!

Have a clever idea or suggestions for the game? Head on over to the official reddit and post there; the dev is always watching!

If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.  There's just one rule to keep in mind: DO NOT DO ANYTHING THAT TAKES A LONG TIME TO REPLENISH FIRST ASK THE ADMINS BELOW:

Bureaucrats (To contact if there are any problems/trouble makers):

OMG18000 Gas - Lives on the moon/has the most edits via very active!

KittyKittyCat394 - Loves cats/hates people who hate cats/comes from the catlandia island!

NecroTheTank - The Founder of this wiki!

PikeYTThe game's designer!

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