Ice takes the appearance and qualities of a lake, such as having hiding holes near them and spawning Mushrooms.

Ice is a form of terrain, found exclusively in the Arctic biome. Animals who move on ice will end up sliding and have trouble turning, which is reduced if the player is playing as an Arctic animal. Penguins, Seals, and Walruses have a special ability that allows them to be able to slide across ice extremely fast. Sometimes, if you turn on the ice and speeds up, you will speed up backwards. If you boost before going onto the ice, you will fly across it quickly which will sometimes allow you to escape predators or catch prey.

Animals That Have Better Grip On Ice



  • Ice was added on the Dec 28 update.
  • It is the Arctic equivalent of mud exepet ice slides
  • The Cheetah has an ice/sprint glitch, sprinting near ice at a certain angle causes the cheetah to boost extremely quickly.
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