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The Ice Monster is an upcoming Animal in The animal was confirmed by developer on Official Youtube channel in a teaser. Its the 2nd confirmed animal from 4 upcoming monsters. The other monsters are Sea Monster, Land Monster and Dino Monster.

As per King, the Ice Monster will live in Arctic and will be the only upgrade option that will come from Yeti. That means if you want to be an Ice Monster you have to be Yeti. Once you have upgraded into Ice Monster than the animal will have 5-8 Ice Crystals that will grow over time and will be pointed in different directions facing behind. As per the teaser, right now Ice Monster shoots Ice Crystals from its mouth. King confirmed that the ability will be changed and the Ice Monster will shoot up to 8 crystals from its back which will fly in different directions. The crystals will keep growing on its body. Once a crystal has fully grown it will glow up to show that its ready to be fired.

When an Ice Crystal hits an animal it freezes the victim. The stun/damage is unknown If Ice crystal lands on land then it becomes a white snowball over time which if collides with another snowball spawns Acorns or Blackberries.

As it was revealed by King, that these Monsters are going to be Brand animals as they are never seen before nor their abilities were suggested or thought by anyone other than King himself. In one of his come back post King asked community to suggest names for each of the monsters. He wants a unique name that is never given to any mythical or imaginary monsters like Godzilla or Cthulhu. He wants something unique and new that only exists in

Though the monsters are going to be placed between Black Dragon and Dragon-tier which means they are going to be new ruler of, but there is a backlash from community due to on-going issues in the game. Solo players are not ready to face the Monsters unless the game is readjusted to something they call balancing. Stan has confirmed on Mope Reddit, in his own come back post that he will focus on rebalancing the game to fit the demands of Mope community. The Ice Monster is actually based on a large type of yeti.




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