A slowly-turning animal that can grow quite large!

The Jellyfish is the sixth animal in and is the Ocean equivalent of the Fox and Arctic Fox.


The Jellyfish:

  • Upgrades from the Deer, Squid or Reindeer at 2.1k XP.
  • Has a maximum XP of 4.2k, at which point it will upgrade to the Zebra, Turtle, Muskox, or Donkey.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it
  • Will sting any animal that bumps into its back, causing little damage and taking 1% of the enemy's XP (up to 1k)
    • If you get damaged by a jellyfish this way, it will say:
      • "You've been stung by a jellyfish!"


The Jellyfish is colored pink with 3 magenta colored dots at its backside, and 6 pink tentacles emerging out of it


As a jellyfish, it's best not to chase people because of its slow turn speed. Also, avoid small crevices because of its rapid growth. Instead, try mock-charging head on into a shark or any high-level animal. If you can time it right, turn around and watch them fly into your Tentacles! You should evolve instantly, if not skip a huge amount of XP. Your second option is to stay away from everyone else and feed off of kelp and starfish.

Your tentacles also give you an advantage while being chased, as they will sting and stun any animal that comes in contact with it, allowing for a quick escape.

If you are a jellyfish and a Black Dragon is near you, go inside it and since Animals can go through it, use it to your advantage. Go repeatedly inside and back out, stinging the Black Dragon. Since your stinging ability doesn't need to respawn again thus, doing it will kill the Black Dragon or a least lower it until another animal can kill it.



  • The jellyfish is technically the only low-class animal that can become about as large as a shark.
  • It is the only animal to gain experience when tail-bitten.
  • It resembles the Jellyfish from the children's cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • At reddit, where an user used an color of lion on a jellyfish, Pike! said those tentacles are actually the mouse's tail.
  • Unlike in real life, jellyfish have eyes.
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