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UPGRADED to Killer Whale!
Whales blow out water when diving! (And sometimes other loot!)

The Orca, or the Killer Whale is the thirteenth ocean animal in, and is the ocean equivalent of the Hippo and Mammoth.


The Killer Whale:

  • Upgrades from either the Rhino, Shark or Wolverine once the player reaches 250k XP.
  • Upgrades to either the Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 500k XP.
  • Can hide in large hiding holes and Whirlpools.
  • Can eat every type of food, as well as animals between Deer and Rhino.
  • You will respawn as Orca if you had a score in the 738.3K – 307.7K range before dying.
  • Has a blowing hole that will blow out random resources when diving underwater.
  • Killer Whale has an ability where he can make 3 waves which will stun and wash away predators and prey, even moving underwater animals and animals in whirlpools!


The Killer Whale starts at about the same size as the Shark does, but will grow up very quickly to about 2x its original size. They are colored black and have a long mouth. They have four white marks: two long ones at the left/right sides of their back, and two shorter ones around their eyes. They have a fin on each side and two caudal fins.

When "No animal images" is on, orcas are just black balls with eyes and a short tail.


Killer Whales, if following a set path, can travel to opposite oceans through land use. Just stay near water spots, and make sure to swim by lakes to get a water boost. However, you can stay by a lake (any lake if you can find an abundance of water spots to make it) and hunt the slower land animals. However, it is much easier to use the River because you won't have to go on land. The Killer Whale's ability to generate a wave can be used to knock creatures off rocks and hills.

Another but risky strategy is to go underwater ambush ocean animals and wash them off shore with your wave, then eat them.

Use your ability to push predators out of the way, then make a run for it. You can also use it to knock animals into rocks, and if timed right, you will be able to corner and eat them.



  • The Killer Whale was added on December 7th, along with the Pufferfish and the Swordfish.
    • A slightly different version of its design was created long before it was actually added in the game, and was used as the flair of Redditor Bran1431.
  • Its morphology is similar to the Shark's.
  • It was originally named Killer Whale and changed to Orca after 1 day of the update. However, some people still call this animal Killer Whale.
  • It is the first animal that can spawn items.
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