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A lake.

Lakes are regions that will automatically fill up your water bar if you stay inside but slow most animals down, similar to mud. Some animals, such as Pigs, Crocodiles, Wolverines, Mammoths, Seals, Penguins, Walruses, Polar Bears and Hippos, are unaffected by the speed reduction from lakes. Lakes are the only place where animals can find and eat lily pads. Mushrooms have an increased spawn rate in lakes. Lakes are surrounded by yellow-brown beaches. One or two small islands generate in lakes, which act like regular dry land; mushroom bushes have an increased chance of spawning on these islands.


The air bar. If you let it run out, you automatically rise above the water.

Players can right-click to dive underwater for a certain amount of time. When diving, the water bar is replaced by an air bar, which will slowly run out and when it runs out, you will automatically resurface. Ocean animals' air bar runs out slower than land animals. Diving allows animals to avoid predators, and also to hide in wait for prey (works especially well for Hippos, who can hold their breath for a massive amount of time). All animals can dive. Oceans share the same feature.


  • Ocean animals can go into lakes.
  • There are 3,4 lakes in land
  • If you upgrade to an ocean animal in a lake, you stay in the lake.
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