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The Lava Biome along with a giant Healing Stone

The Lava Biome is found at the center of the map. It contains lava, which will burn any animal except for The Black Dragon. Big Healing Stones will periodically spawn in this biome. This biome also contains Watermelons.

There's also a Lava Bar. Which is exclusive to the black dragon. When the Lava Bar reaches 1/4 of it's total; it will start alarming the player to go to the volcano! If the bar reaches 0, then the black dragon loses about 5% of it's HP. Despite the volcano that has never erupted in the futer it might.


  • Despite people calling it a biome it's not really a biome! But a terrain inside the land biome.
  • Big Healing stones only spawn in the Lava Biome, but still incredibly rare and hard to get to.
  • The Lava Biome was partly shown in the Colossal update teaser image.

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