Lilypads are a food item in They award 75 XP when eaten. Lilypads only spawn in lakes and only animals above Deer, Squid, and Reindeer can eat them. Lilypads are the largest food item in the game, being approximately as large as a Hippo.



How lilypads used to look.

  • As of the Oct 24th update, Lilypads were given a new look - the "flowers" on top were removed, possibly to increase game performance.
  • Lilypads were changed to a different design on the Jan 29th update.
  • Pike_YT made a new Lilypad design with a Flower.
  • The flower on the new Lillypad actually isn't part of the Lilypad. In fact, it's a separate image found in the game files found here:

    Official updated Lilypad with Flower.

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