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Press W to release a mighty ROAR (Rawr!)!"

The Lion is the ninth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Gorilla, Pufferfish and Snow Leopard.


The lion:

  • Can eat all animals below it to Mole and all food except conch.
  • Can be eaten by all animals above it
  • It has a special ability when you press W, the Lion roars stunning and knocking out animals in the radius making it harder for you to catch them. Also the roar does slight damage to the prey that gets hit by it.
    • This roar has a set range and has a cooldown of 9 seconds.


The lion is colored as deep yellow with a darker yellow mane. As it eats, it will slowly bloat to become much larger than any of its predecessors, yet is still dwarfed by most of the later animals.


Eat coconuts to gain xp easily. Use your ability to get xp and protect yourself from predators



  • The Lion has existed in since it was first released.
  • The Lion is one of two animals to have animals added directly before AND directly after it. The Deer and Cheetah were both added in updates.
    • Before the cheetah was added, it upgraded to the crocodile at 16k XP.
    • Before the deer was added, it upgraded from the Fox at 4k XP.
  • It is the animal that has moved the most around the upgrade path, going from:
  • It is the only land animal with a land equivalent, the gorilla.
  • Like the Wolf and the Wolverine, their abilities make the player say a message.
  • Prior to the rebalance, the roar could give a very rare occurrence of a "MEOW!" which gives off a weak stun and a very short range.
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