Meat is a food item in It can be spawned when an animal dies of any natural causes. This can include thirst, fire, disconnection, freezing, etc. There are 3 different kinds of meats. The normal one can be eaten by all animals. The more XP an animal has when it dies, the more meat is produced. There are three types of meat, small meat, which can be eaten by Mouse, Medium meat, which can be eaten by Fox, and Big meat, which can be eaten by Crocs. When spawned, animals normally rush to it because of its rarity.


As one of the best foods in, if you find any meat lying there, EAT IT! Meat gives a bunch of XP, especially big meat. A way to get meat is that you can wait prey out in Hiding holes until they die of thirst, the result will be freshly spawned meat. You can find meat often in Arctic places.


  • Mushrooms used to replace Meat when an animal died of natural causes.
  • Along with Meat, Water can also drop when an animal dies of natural causes, depending on how much water the animal had.
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