aka The snake

  • I live in Snake island
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is Snake discover
  • I am A snake
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    • caugh* *caugh* [1] *caugh* *caugh* [2]


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  • Since I only have to do the Neon Arctic and the Neon Food left, I already need future skin pack ideas. You may have seen that huge announcement on my profile, but just in case you haven't, I'll explain.

    Once I am done with the Neon skin pack, I will gather everyone's ideas and put them into a huge poll. The ideas with the least amount of votes are eliminated, and the other ideas will move on to the next poll, and it goes on from there. If a tiebreaker somehow happens with the last two ideas, Then I'll probably have to randomize and see which idea the randomizer wheel lands on. (I know, there was no other way!) Ideas can arrange from anything to TV shows, Movies, or something simple.


    Don't spam ideas (Only 5 ideas max, except for me, Muahahahahaha)

    I may reject some ideas, so don't scream at me if I reject your idea!

    That's all! Good Luck!

    I'll let you know that your skin is in the poll by typing in (Recorded) on your comment!


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  • Welcome to the Wiki and thanks for your edit to User blog:SuperRobot9338/NEW IDEA: CONCEPTION NAMESPACE!! Please make sure to check out our Staff and Rules. Keep on editing!

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